Kuhn Optitedd rotor to meet though conditions

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The new Kuhn “Optitedd” rotor adopts a design that pushes the limits in terms of resistance and lifetime of the working parts. The increased robustness of the rotor, arms and tines allows the machine to evolve in the most extreme conditions such as heavy forage, stony ground, etc.

The design of the rotor and the increased rigidity of the plate strongly reduce vibrations. The deep-drawing of the plate and arm has also been reinforced.

Heavy-duty tines mounted on this new rotor have a service life that is doubled compared to previous models. A prong diameter of 10 mm and 4 large-diameter coils (80 mm) contribute to greatly reducing tine fatigue without altering the flexibility they need for work. Tedding quality is preserved while reducing internal stress and constraints on the tines in heavy forage.

Tine deflectors prevent crop from riding up and wrapping around the tine and rotor. The integration of an “anti-loss” function prevents losing a tine in the forage and therefore damaging the following machines or polluting the ration.

With this new rotor, twice as much area can be tedded as with a standard rotor.

Kuhn tedders 1012 and 1012 T series evolve into the 1003 and 1003 T series which feature among other the new Optitedd rotor. This development concerns trailed and semi-mounted models of 8.70 m to 17.20 m working width, i.e. the GF 8712, GF 10812, GF 8712 T, GF 10812 T, GF 13012 and GF 17012 tedders which become GF 8703, GF 10803, GF 8703 T, GF 10803 T, GF 13003 T et GF 17003 T, respectively.

The technical elements and customer benefits that have made the reputation of previous models are retained:

  • Maintenance-free rotor
  • HLC function (Headland Lift Control) for fast rotor raising on headlands
  • Asymmetrical tines for perfect raking without scraping the soil
  • Tines moving very close to the wheels for a responsive ground following
  • Digidrive couplings for simple and efficient motion transmission.

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