DLG-certified cameras on Krone front mowers

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Driving with implements on yards and roads with even bigger tractors is often not without risk. Visibility of obstacles and other vehicles is difficult for the driver, particularly with a large front mower attached. Krone offers a solution for safety with DLG-certified cameras on all current mowers.

Every tractor driver is familiar with challenging situations, such as managing narrow yard and field gates with a mower mounted up front. With ever bigger tractors these situations become even trickier. In addition, legislation requires a helper in these situations, if the combination measures more 3.5 meters from the tractor’s steering wheel to the front end of the mounted machine.

For safe maneuvering in these situations and safe travel on public roads, Krone now offers smart and practical camera solutions. Introduced in 2000, the small front-mounted camera systems have all been certified by DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) for all Krone mowers by now.

The DLG certification procedure was carried out for each individual front mower model. After Krone recently received the certificates for the EasyCut Highland and the EasyCut F 400 CV Fold models, all current front mower models now boast a DLG-certified camera system. Each package comprises two cameras, one display screen and the appropriate leads.

Thanks to the split-view screen which  displays two camera feeds simultaneously, the tractor driver is able to manage all tight spots safely and without a helper.


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