Trelleborg wins ag tire award in Brazil

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Trelleborg Wheel Systems (TWS) gained the “Visão Agro Centro-Sul” award for “Best Agricultural Tire” in Brazil. TWS was recognized for its excellence in tire solutions that help farmers increase productivity while reducing costs in their farming operations. The award ceremony was held in Piracicaba (SP).

Marcelo Natalini, president of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in South America, emphasized that the development of innovative and technological solutions is in Trelleborg’s DNA. “The Visão Agro Centro-Sul Award honors excellence in the Brazilian ag industry and we are very proud to see the recognition of our efforts in producing the best agricultural tire. This award is the result of our ongoing commitment to customers and the constant search for innovation that is present in every tire, wheel system and digital solution we create.”

TWS has a long history in the Brazilian market, cooperating with farmers and vehicle specialists to anticipate consumer needs and provide advanced solutions for the most demanding crops, including Brazil’s important sugarcane market. “Our tire solutions have helped develop and strengthen the Brazilian market in recent years,” adds Natalini.

The Visão Agro Centro-Sul award was created in 2007 to recognize suppliers and agricultural experts working to improve agriculture through innovation, in the central and southern regions of Brazil. To date, the Visão Agro Awards have awarded nearly 400 companies and brought together 200 industry experts for the annual event. The award honorees are selected by people from across the industry, with a panel of more than 40 experts evaluating the nominees and selecting the winners.

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