Structural 4000 available with new features

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Dewulf, a full-liner in agricultural machinery for potato and root crop cultivation, presents a couple of innovations for the Structural 4000 within its planting range. These include Smart-Float automatic depth control and portal steering system.

The 4-row Miedema Structural belt planter is now available as Smart-Float, previously known for the CP 42 cup planter. The goal of this combination is to set up the soil cultivation for the Structural 4000 in an easier way than with a portal drawbar. In a much more compact space, the updated combination allows for greater control over the total weight distribution and soil pressure. This innovation is made possible by an automatic depth control system (Smart-Float). Because the tractor can pull much lower, the weight is distributed evenly across the four tires of the tractor.

Moreover, the movements made to cultivate the soil do not affect the position of the planter. The intermediate piece, the lifting pack, ensures that in this renewed set-up you can adjust the angle as desired. It is also easy to perform adjustments yourself, as the cultivation depth can be controlled automatically from the cabin. In addition, adjusting the planting depth via the wheels and the height of the ridging hood from the machine is possible. If desired, you can replace the rotary cultivator with a rotary harrow or even raise the rotary cultivator entirely to temporarily stop cultivating. These options enable users to perform personalised planting with the renewed and homologated Structural 4000 even more than before.

Combination with portal steering and box tipper or bunker

As a second innovation, Dewulf is pleased to announce a portal steering system for the Structural 4000. The pivoting axles and shorter wheelbase make this machine even more manoeuvrable and easier to steer. In this way, the machine can turn over 35 degrees instead of the usual 8 degrees. This setup also ensures maximum precision in following the predefined track. The Structural 4000 with portal steering is available with an integrated box tippler (momentarily only homologated in the Netherlands) and the standard bunker.

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