Style displays McCormick’s modern technology

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Motor Valley is synonymous with the excellence of automotive industrial production, in that corner of Emilia-Romagna where important companies in the sector are based. Argo Tractors celebrates its affiliation, further demonstrating its ability to combine technological power and the pursuit of perfection in terms of style in its tractors.

McCormick, one of Argo’s brands based in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, has recently completed a stylistic renewal of its entire range, which has involved a new expressive and recognisable family feeling: the culmination of a journey that began a few years ago, starting with the X8 VT-Drive, and which, step by step, has extended to the entire range.

One of the architects of this process is Fabio Leonardi, designer at the industrial group:

“Working for an internationally renowned brand like McCormick is certainly very satisfying, but also a great responsibility, because you cannot disappoint or get it wrong; the design is often the first thing that people see and it is judged and appreciated”, he says, telling us about his experience at Argo Tractors. “What has guided me in this sector”, continues Leonardi, “is my great passion for engines, for vehicles and especially tractors. It all started with the restyling of the X8 VT-Drive and that is where this great adventure began”.

Fabio Leonardi, Head of Argo Tractors’ Style and Design Centre

Design and branding are closely linked, as goes on to underline: “For the McCormick brand, the design must convey the brand’s values and mission: high power, the technological aspect, a quality product, comfort and safety. McCormick’s interior layout is always built around a person and the technology that governs the tractor’s power. Everything must revolve smoothly around the user. Great attention must therefore be paid to ergonomics. Unlike a car, there are several functional islands in a tractor: the dashboard, the left panel, the right panel, under the roof, the multifunctional armrest. Everything has to work well and harmoniously. At McCormick, functionality and technology must be combined with an attention to quality solutions in terms of forms, colours, details and comfort: all to create a classy environment to meet the demanding customer’s expectations”.

It is a delicate balance, between functionality and style, but “the latter”, Leonardi clearly reiterates, “must never become an unnecessary complication. Experience and awareness of technical aspects makes it possible to find the best solutions that guarantee both practicality and style”. A result that is achieved in McCormick tractors in each new product family.

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