Same Virtus upgraded and future ready

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The Same Virtus has been on the market already for a while. An upgraded series is available now, first and foremost with a Stage V compliant engine. But the tractor also underwent a series of technical upgrades, among which the RVshift transmission with APS (Automatic Powershift), 120 l/min load sensing hydraulic system and SDF integrated digital Smart Farming Solutions.

Same has always been renowned for creating designs that are visually appealing, while accentuating the usability and efficiency of the functions of the machine itself.

The Virtus Stage V family has a new single-piece high visibility roof that makes working with a front loader easier and safer, as does the maneuverability made possible by the compact dimensions of the engine and the responsive transmissions with Stop&Go. The new lighting pack, with high performance road and work lights integrated into the design of the Same Virtus Stage V, allows up to 12 LED work lights on the roof, 2 additional LED lights mounted on the front pillars of the cab and 2 LED lights integrated on the bonnet ensures excellent illumination.

Stage V engine

Powering the performance of the new Same Virtus Stage V, is a compact engine combining low running costs with simplified maintenance needs. The new 4 cylinder FARMotion 45 unit features 2000 bar common rail fuel injection and an e-visco fan, while the 125 and 135 models are also equipped with an electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger. This makes it possible for these engines to deliver maximum power outputs of up to 143 HP incl. Boost at just 2000 rpm, and up to 576 Nm for the most powerful version.

Two transmissions

A choice of two transmission variants is offered for the new Virtus. The first features a 5-speed main gearbox with 2-ranges, a hydraulic reverse shuttle and Stop&Go function, plus a 2 or 3 stage Powershift unit, for a total of up to 60+60 (incl. supercreeper gears). This is a functional solution offering an effective answer to the needs of any application: a maximum road speed of 40 km/h is attainable with the engine at just 1780 rpm while, at the other end of the speed range, the optional supercreeper allows for ground speeds as low as 100 metres per hour at maximum engine speed.

The RVshift is transmission developed specifically for this power class, which offers levels of comfort whether working in the field or driving on public roads, where a top speed of 50 km/h is possible at just 1910 rpm. This is an efficient full-Powershift transmission concept, combining a total of 20+16 seamlessly selected speeds. Simplicity of use is made possible by the new joystick, offered in a choice of two variants, which allows access to all the main functions of the transmission from a single controller interface. The standard version lets the operator shift manually (while automatic shifting is also available) and set cruise speed, while the optional controller features an additional 3 buttons and a thumbwheel, all of which are programmable by the user to duplicate the controls for any electronically managed function.

Retained features

The new Virtus family retains all the features and capabilities already offered as standard by the previous generation, such as disc brakes on all 4 wheels, an impressive maximum steering angle of 55°, electrohydraulically engaged (100% locking) differential locks and four-wheel drive, to offer maximum safety, grip, and agility in all conditions. Options include an electronically managed suspended front axle and an automated differential lock and 4WD management function. RVshift versions come with the Powerbrake system (a brake booster derived from automotive applications) and the HPB Hydraulic Parking Brake as standard, but can also be equipped with the optional HEB, (Hydraulic Engine Brake), which activates the main hydraulic circuit of the tractor and the viscostatic fan simultaneously to increase the inherent engine brake effect of the powertrain.

To cater for the needs of any task, the new Virtus Stage V family is available with every possible standard PTO speed – namely 540, 540 ECO, 1000 and 1000 ECO – and optional also with groundspeed PTO, with independent output stub shaft. All tractors come as standard with the AutoPTO function, which engages and disengages the PTO automatically in relation to the position of the 3-point hitch of the rear lift. The rear lift has a maximum capacity of 5000 kg as standard, which can be increased to 7000 kg with optional supplementary cylinders. Naturally, the rear lift is electronically controlled and comes complete with anti-dumping – a function reducing the oscillation produced by mounted implements – as standard, while the optional 3000 kg front lift is also available with a 1000 rpm front PTO.

Same Virtus Stage V tractors can be configured with a choice of different hydraulic system variants. Such as a Load Sensing hydraulic system with a flow rate of 120 l/min, up to 10 rear outlets and Power Beyond couplers. The hydraulic steering system is fed by an independent circuit with its own dedicated pump.

Range of specifications

The TopVision cab is available in a choice of 3 different equipment levels, all of which offering the space, comfort and features normally seen only on more expensive tractor models. Mechanical cab suspension, LED work lights, the iMonitor, high visibility roof, a refrigerated compartment with 12V power outlet, USB ports and an audio system with DAB+ radio are just some of the optional accessories available for the new SAME Virtus Stage V family.

A huge choice of other accessories is also available, among which two specific ready kits for installation of a front loader and selection of front loaders created specifically for the Virtus Stage V family. On top of this, a host of new functions offered by the innovative SDF Smart Farming Solutions suite lets you configure the ideal machine for your needs and be ready for tomorrow’s fully digital farming world.

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