Horsch launches angled nozzle caps for row adaption

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Horsch completes its product range in the crop care sector and presents new angled nozzle caps. Thus, the idea of band spraying is continuously developing further.

Together with Agrotop, they carried out comprehensive tests regarding the application accuracy and distribution. Moreover, they optimised and adapted the nozzles to guarantee an even better application in the field.

The result of these tests are two nozzle caps which with a standard sprayer allow for a band application in almost all current row spacings and thus for even more flexibility regarding the treatment of the row. The customer can start this state-of-the-art plant protection with existing technology. With the two angled nozzle caps the spraying band for example can be offset by 5 cm respectively. The standard nozzle cap treats the crop directly below the nozzle. These versions are particularly interesting for potato farms that for a ridge of 75 cm want to aim two nozzles with 17,5° at the ridge.

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