Krone uses GPS for smart bale collecting

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Krone introduces GPS-controlled auto bale deposit for BaleCollect. The GPS-controlled and automatic bale depositing feature unloads the bale across the direction of travel for efficient bale handling and collecting.

Contractors seek to collect and load square bales in the fastest possible way. The new GPS auto feature of the Krone BaleCollect bale accumulator makes bale handling much easier and more convenient now, as it allows the accumulator to deposit the bales automatically and at right angles along pre-set virtual lines.

This is how the new solution for the Krone BaleCollect works: As a first step, the combination travels the perimeter of the field recording up to five A-B lines along which BaleCollect will deposit the bales during harvest. The single big advantage of this technology is that it deposits the bale transversely to the direction of travel and along the recorded lines for efficient bale collecting, less field traffic and operator hassle. In the past, operators had to trigger the unloading function manually – to the effect that naturally not all bales were deposited along straight lines.

The GPS-controlled auto depositing feature saves time and costs for bale transport by reducing fuel consumption, the number of tractor hours and working hours. Another important factor is increased work safety in awkward patches and on the headland thanks to using exact positions in the field. At the same time, bales are no longer overlooked and accidentally left in the field. Last, the new system clearly reduces field traffic for gentler soil treatment, better field management and higher yields.

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