TAFE launches MF Magnatrak series in India

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Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE), manufacturer of Massey Ferguson tractors in India, launches the Magnatrak series. The brand new MF 8055 Magnatrak in the 50 hp range, is operating at low cost and is suited for heavy haulage operations.

Launching the Magnatrak series, Mallika Srinivasan, CMD – TAFE, said, “For over sixty years, TAFE and the Massey Ferguson brand have shared a deep and strong bond with the farmers of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a state of progressive farmers who are rapidly adopting the latest technologies to increase productivity and derive enhanced value from their farming operations. To meet their key aspirations of power, style, comfort and efficiency, TAFE launches the new Magnatrak series here. We are honoured to introduce the heavyduty haulage tractor in Kolhapur, the sugarcane capital of India.”

Built with the Magnatorq engine, this haulage tractor offers maximum torque and high fuel efficiency. With the highest torque of 200 Nm, the tractor can easily pull heavy trolleys, both off-road and on-road. The engine and the transmission are well-tuned to deliver productivity with high road speeds resulting in more savings, faster load completion cycles and high fuel efficiency.

The Magna Styling has sophisticated elements that include an aerodynamic single-piece bonnet with a one-touch front opening system. The spacious platform, stylish looks, modern steering wheel and an adjustable seat mark the gold standard of operating comfort. The MF 8055 comes with powerful projector headlamps along with Tri-LED for better visibility and more brightness at night. It has an 8 forward, 2 reverse gearbox.

Best suited for heavyduty operations like sugarcane haulage, construction material and other heavy tonnage loads, the Magnatrak series is well-compatible with a wide variety of agricultural applications like reversible mouldboard plough (RMB), rotavator, post-hole digger, threshers and newer applications like the baler as well.

Magnatrak’s higher ground clearance helps in easy navigation of the tractor, even while crossing bunds and uneven roads. Its longer wheelbase ensures stability and prevents front lifting while pulling heavy loads. The high PTO placement is suitable for a wide variety of PTO operated implements. Maxx Oil Immersed Brakes (OIB) and safety guards for radiator and silencer further make the Magnatrak a safe tractor.

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