Robotti enters Austria

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Agrointelli has signed an agreement with Farm-ING from Austria, for distribution of the Robotti farming robot. The new Austrian partner is expanding its portfolio with robotics, finding a good fit with Robotti that brings farming to the next level.

Farm-ING was founded in 2020 by Gregor Witzmann, who has more than 20 years of experience in agricultural engineering. He established Farm-ING with the vision to make the world more sustainable through smart agricultural technologies. Farm-ING is developing smart sustainable farm equipment, like machines for organic farming with AI and stirring machines for biodynamic agriculture.

“The future is digital and sustainable. Following this development for years, we set trends of tomorrow with our know-how. The company’s drive is to put customers’ ideas into practice and offer real solutions from the beginning till the after sales”, says Gregor Witzmann, CEO of Farm-ING.

The company offers know-how as a service for agricultural machinery companies. They help the ideas to take shape, developing them together with their clients and then manufacturing them.

“As the company that offers engineering services for other companies, we are always open to new ideas in the field of sustainable autonomous agriculture. Robotti fits our ideology in many ways”, he adds.

Introducing robotics to the portfolio blazes a new trail for Farm-ING’s. The main three pillars of the company are going to be: Robotics, Smart Farming equipment and Artificial Intelligence.

Robotti and Austrian market

According to Witzmann, Robotti can be used with 3-point linkage machines. He sees that customers are quite specialized right now and therefore they want to use their own, existing and well-known technology in the process.

“I believe the most interest will be shown from the farmers that aim for efficiency (in sense of doing the work in valuable way, autonomously) and accuracy (in for instance plant weeding) in the field. Robotti will be a perfect replacement of repetitive, boring tasks performed from the tractor’s cabin.”

The Austrian agriculture industry is one of the most technologically advanced. Due to the mountainous landscape, most of the land cannot be cultivated well, therefore Austrian farmers have to be highly innovative and focus on the quality of their production.

“Robotti fits well to the Austrian innovative environment and we are very glad to welcome our new distributor, to our Robotti family. Due to his product development background, he will not only bring new approaches and ideas to the usage of Robotti, but will also develop and modify agriculture implements which will be used with Robotti”, says Anna Sprinzl, Agrointelli’s Sales Manager in Germany.

The first robot in Austria is going to be delivered to a customer. It is a large farm, practicing both conventional and organic farming. He is going to use Robotti mainly in 100 ha of sugar maize plants, covering all operations – tine harrow, planting, weeding and hoeing. The secondary use will include weeding in carrots and possibly other vegetables.

The focus group of Farm-ING for Robotti in Austria will be vegetable farmers, sugar beet farmers, organic farmers with high value crops, like herbs.

Farm-ING expects to schedule a demo with Robotti in late April-early May. The precise date will be revealed in April.

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