Hungary , Romania and Serbia as a next step for Robotti

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The market launch of Robotti from Denmark in additional Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, is approaching. The farming robot will be distributed by brand-new company evofarming KFT, which was founded by a group of owners and managing directors of various sales and production companies for agricultural machines in Hungary.

evofarming KFT will serve the precision agriculture and robotics markets in Hungary, Romania and Serbia. The main focus in these countries will be to use Robotti at agricultural and horticultural farmers as well as agricultural universities. evofarming KFT is going to provide local service and support.

One of the owners of evofarming KFT, Johann Ocken, is already the owner or managing director of several companies selling agricultural machinery in Hungary. Recently, in order to optimally follow the trends of modern agriculture and, above all, to face the massive problem of the lack of workforce, he decided to deal more closely with the innovative topics of precision agriculture and robotics. On the 1st  of January 2022 together with his partners, who have good connections to the Romanian and Serbian markets, they founded evofarming KFT. Its focus is a new, innovative development in agriculture. With ROBOTTI as the initial product, evofarming KFT is following the current market trends.

Johann Ocken explains: “We already provide many different types of agricultural machinery for the Hungarian market, and we will continue to devote our attention to the traditional agricultural machinery market. Robotics and the new technology require personnel exclusively focusing on this area, which is why we decided to create evofarming.  We are going to use our experience from the traditional area of agriculture to offer the robot to our existing customers: different sized farmers, vegetable growers and agricultural universities. Thanks to its modularity, Robotti is definitely the right product for this target group and so it was important for us to include it in our portfolio.”

Major changes ahead

“The requirements for the production of agricultural products will enormously change in the next decade”, Johan Ocken continues. “Climate changes, environmental protection requirements, consumer needs towards organic production, avoidance of monotonous work, human resources shortage etc. A few years ago, the automotive industry began to develop a form of production that made it possible to have all work steps carried out by robots. Even if it still appears to be a utopia in 2022, this path of “handsfree farming” in agriculture has already started and will continue to develop very quickly in the next few years.”

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