New Rostselmash tractor plant on track

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Construction of the new Rostselmash tractor plant in Rostov-on-Don, Russia is on schedule. According to the announced plans, the new plant will start operations at the end of 2022.

Building of the new plant officially started in September 2021. Right afterwards, the site was subjected to a prompt clearance and the dismantling of old structures. In autumn 2021, Rostselmash invited tenders to select a general contractor. At present, the construction activities are slightly ahead of schedule, with a 2-week advance for some types of operations. Thus, a reinforced concrete wall has been completed by 60%; the metalwork is also being installed.

To have everything on schedule, Rostselmash is implementing its main investment project in two areas simultaneously. Concurrently with the builders, the process engineers are designing the future enterprise. The company is purchasing the required equipment that is being manufactured according to order from industrial equipment suppliers in Russia and European countries.

“Rostselmash’s new tractor plant will be a highly automated facility, Andrey Ryabov, Marketing Director, says.  Advanced technologies and equipment will be used at all the stages of manufacturing. For instance, integrated quality control equipment, which will minimise the human factor and allow monitoring manufacturing at each step, or infrared drying chambers in the paint shop. The assembly, from the feed of components to quality control, will be managed by an intellectual system, and the robotized conveyor will ensure the completion of a designed production cycle.”

Rostselmash’s tractor plant with an area of 14 ha and a production area of 62,000 sq m is located at one of the company’s sites in Rostov-on-Don. At this site, Rostselmash plans to manufacture a full range of tractors from 170hp to 600+hp with articulated and classical frames, crawlers, as well as road-building and municipal machines. The company will offer about 1850 new jobs, use modern industrial technologies and lean production tools, and create a comfortable work environment for its employees. The company will invest over 6 bln roubles (USD 80 million) in the project.

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