Respiro belt rake for tractors with reverse drive

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It looks like a self-propelled rake with your own tractor. And indeed it is! The Reiter Respiro R6/R7 pick-up belt rake,  attached to a tractor with reverse drive, guarantees forage quality at its best, the best overview, maximum manoeuvrability and safe and fast road transport.

This is how the new Respiro reverse drive version can be summed up. With 6 m or 7 m working widths of the Respiro R6 or R7, outputs of 4-8 ha/h can be achieved. As the machine is no longer driven over the forage, top quality is assured. A niche solution for the specialist.

The transport width of 2.4 m is ideal for speedy and safe road travel. Once at the field, the two working units are folded down in a few seconds and brought into working position. The raking units are unlocked hydraulically and the spring relief can be adjusted from the tractor seat. The rear linkage of the tractor still needs to be raised to the correct height for field work. Onwards the Respiro is ready for use.

A new feature is the patented suspension of the working units via two support rollers and an upper link. This enables a compact design and thus a centre of gravity that is close to the tractor. An important feature. Each working unit is suspended via four springs. The high spring length enables very good relief over a large working range. In the main working area of the support roller, the cam track is arranged at an angle. This patented solution results in good and responsive contact to the ground.

In addition, the working unit follows the ground contour better in the longitudinal direction and thus ensures a constant raking height. This increases the service life of the machine and reduces wear,  despite the very compact design.

To keep the weight and complexity of the machine low, the centre swath placement was left away. The belts can run together to the right or left or “plough apart” and thus deposit a small swath on the right and left. In the corners, the combination is particularly versatile: simply stop the conveyor belts on the last 5-10 m, depending on the amount of forage, the crop is conveyed onto the belts by the rotors, then pushed back and deposited evenly on the swath already laid. Through this, the corners are cleaned easily and piles in the swath are avoided.

Operation of the machine is simple and self-explanatory. A rotary potentiometer is used to adjust the belt speeds from the tractor cab. The rotors can be raised for use in hay and straw. Folding is fast and simple.

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