Fieldin acquires Midnight Robotics

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Fieldin plans to acquire Midnight Robotics. Based in California USA, Fieldin works to help farmers accelerate data collection and automation. Midnight retrofits tractors and other farming equipment with lidar-based sensing technologies.

Fieldin technology takes around a day to get up and running, according to news portal TechCrunch. The acquisition will integrate Midnight’s technology into Fieldin’s existing solution.

“Over the past eight years we’ve digitized hundreds of farms and over 10,000 tractors and pieces of farming equipment and amassed a trove of invaluable data that can offer insights into best practices in farm management,” Fieldin co-founder and CEO Boaz Bachar said in a release. “By acquiring Midnight Robotics, we’re helping farmers close the loop from insight to autonomous action, so they know exactly what they need to do and execute it autonomously, all through the same platform.”

Midnight co-founders Yonatan Horovitz and Edo Reshef will join Fieldin as chief autonomy office and chief technology officer, respectively. They will also both be listed as Fieldin co-founders.

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