Telemetria Stara alerts follow machine operations

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Managing crop field operations in real-time has become much easier thanks to Telemetria Stara. To provide more practical operations for the farmer, Stara developed the Telemetria app.  One of the features is the alerts to follow the machine operations even if the farmer is far away.

Telemetria Stara provides the farmer to monitor the operations and if they are being carried out as planned. For example, you can set up the values for alerts to speeds and overlap for planters, sprayers and spreaders. Machines with an electronic engine can be enabled with engine temperature and hydraulic oil alerts.

The settings are carried out as each area needs by following technical instructions. Machines with an electronic engine have alerts preset by the factory.  The alerts are displayed as notifications on the cell phone or tablet and are activated when the machine exceeds the “high” and “critical” values set. The high value warns the machine has entered a caution zone before reaching the critical value.

For efficient alerts, they must be used in real-time. For this reason, it is required an Internet connection. Additionally, if the application is connected, it can be set up to automatically send a daily summary of the operations and set the send time too. You can enable the engine hour and Topper connected notifications through the application. In addition, it is possible to see a report with the notification history created.

The alerts created by the Telemetria Stara application provide more reliability when performing operations in the crop field.

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