“Global Trends” is the new BKT Network format

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For its third edition, BKT Network has been completely renewed expanding the range of topics and guests, with an increasingly global and inclusive vision.  The topics covered will start from agriculture, but there will be more space for insights with experts from all around the world. Among the topics: soil, climate, water, but also about marketing and generational change.

BKT Network grows up. In this spirit, BKT has completely renewed its BKT Network digital platform, proposing a new format, full of new content as it enters a new phase. A leap forward that BKT has chosen to take with the aim of encouraging international dialogue, exchange and sharing of information on the major issues of present and future agriculture.

The new format is not by chance called “Global Trends”, with its mission to offer a current day look at the changes and trends that affect global agriculture. In the intentions of the authors, this initiative will not only seek to interest operators in the sector, or end users, but will also be addressed more simply to those who care about the future of our planet.

From November 2021 to June 2022, each month topic will be among the most strongly felt globally: Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming, Soil Health, Generation Shift, Women in Agriculture, Water Use, Climate Change – Farming for Future, Organic Farming and, finally, Marketing in Agriculture. So 8 episodes, 40 minutes, each with 4 international guests, who will provide their original insights.

All the guests involved will be experts, specialists in the topic of the episode for which they were chosen. Among them we can find journalists, professors or university teachers, representatives of companies in the industry, influencers of international organizations, and of course farmers. Also part of the cast will be BKT experts, who already participate in and support special projects.

The “trend” does not only concern the issues of agriculture, but the company itself. BKT has already announced the wish to follow a particular editorial path in coming years, to build up the proprietary digital platform, suggesting new themes every year, thanks to the dedicated team.

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Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe, states: “Agriculture will only be the first step. Our goal for the future is to cover all issues related to the industries in which we operate. Not only agriculture, therefore, but also earthmoving, industry, ports.”
This is how a new identity of BKT is being created. In doing business, the company has adopted a sustainable vision for all, of global and holistic dialogue. As its founders say, this is the only way to give a concrete meaning to the word future.

“I think that agriculture is something that belongs to humanity – concludes Lucia Salmaso – and will remain the main source of food for future generations. There are many themes that go far beyond the field of the individual farmer. The goal of our new project “Global Trends” is to create awareness around the many aspects that influence agriculture, providing a global vision. Everyone can help make a small change. And if you put together so many small changes, this can lead to an important turning point for a better future.”

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