Zetor celebrates 75th anniversary

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Zetor, the traditional Czech brand of farming tractors, is celebrating its 75th year of existence in 2021.

Despite the fact that designing of the first ‘prototype Z’ started immediately after the end of World War 2, the brand is considered to have originated in 1946, when the Zetor brand became an official trademark. Since the beginning of its existence, Zetor has produced over 1.3 million tractors while the majority has been exported to over 130 countries on five continents.

According to Marián Lipovský, Managing Director, Zetor Tractors a.s., the brand has become the synonym of efficient design and operation economy. ‘Our tractors have always reflected the needs of different eras. I dare say that everyone who was or has been somehow connected with the brand, whether as a customer, fan or member of staff, feels to be part of it. Zetor has been built upon endeavour and effort of a wide range of people of several generations. It is a legacy to us and we treat it with respects and proudness”.

Brief history

1946–1960 I Production of Z25 tractors started in 1946. In the twenty years’ period, over 160,000 units were produced.

1960–1968 I ZETOR introduced design of tractors based on unification of individual parts and model ranges. First tractors of Unified Series I were launched.

1968 –1991 I Zetor is the first in the world to introduce the safety cabin as part of Unified Series II. Its design is widely recognized around the world. On November 1, 1976, Zetor becomes the name of the Company.

1991–2002 I Launch of Unified Series III, which is appreciated by customers for its power and robustness. New modernized versions of tractors under the product name of Forterra are introduced.

2002–2017 I Key year for Zetor and the start of a new era. HTC INCVESTMENTS a.s. becomes the owner of the Company and gradually stabilizes Zetor. In the new millennium, Zetor continues to innovate and designs new products, thus extending its portfolio by new model ranges: Proxima, Major and the Crystal.

2017–2020 I Gradual extension of model ranges and product offers by compact tractors Primo, Compax, Utilix and Hortus. Application of the new design by Pininfarina on 80-170 HP model ranges has been completed. The brand and the Company focuses on customers and development of dealer network.

Current product portfolio

The offer on European and North American markets comprises eight model ranges from 20 to 170 HP. They are compact tractors of the model ranges Primo, Compax, Utilix and Hortus in the lower power category of 20-70 HP. They are used mainly in summer and winter maintenance of communities, company premises, sports facilities, in horticulture, road services, parks and on small farms. The higher power category of 80-170 HP is represented by the model ranges Major (work with farming machines and in transport or road maintenance), Proxima (which is among the most popular models with customers, used in farming, forestry and road maintenance), Forterra (medium and large farms, used in crop growing and to work with various farming machines and in transport) and Crystal (most powerful and best-equipped tractor in the Zetor portfolio). On global markets, Zetor offers tractors with emission standards STAGE IIIA and STAGE IIIB, being model ranges Major, Proxima and Forterra. The period of the past two years was significantly affected by the current market trends which are still not very much favourable. The situation has not improved, also due to anti-epidemic measures all around the world. Yet, this negative trend is alleviated by the fact that the Zetor is still market leader on the domestic market, Czech Republic. It is also number two in Slovakia. The position of the brand has been stable in Baltic countries, Central Europe, Balkan and Scandinavia. ‘We feel comfortable about markets with growth prospects such as United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina’, says Petr Konštacký, Sales and Marketing Director.  ‘It is a well-recognized achievement that over the past four years, the Zetor brand has entered new foreign markets such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Myanmar, Indonesia, Yemen, Columbia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Vietnam,’ Konštacký adds.

Zetor enters a new development phase of modernization of the product portfolio for the period 2023–2025. Innovations of current model ranges will provide users with maximum comfort and better product value while maintaining the elements of efficient design and total cost of ownership.

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