Precision sowing with Pöttinger’s new Terrasem

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In addition to optimum soil and weather conditions, choosing the right seed drill technology is essential for perfect seed emergence. Pöttinger’s TERRASEM mulch drilling concept combines tillage, consolidation, fertiliser application and drilling in a single machine: the perfect combination of high output, reliability and precision seed placement to meet farmers’ specifications.

This newly designed seed drill with or without passive seedbed preparation delivers high performance with its precision universal metering and perfect coulter system to guarantee exact seed placement. Flexible operation and being able to process up to three components simultaneously at a consistently high output, translates into optimum drilling for the best seed emergence. The high performance features of the Pöttinger TERRASEM increase yield capacity.

The benefits are:

•             Highly flexible with injector metering or pressurised hopper metering system for successful sowing

•             Robust construction with maximum output with working widths between 3 and 6 meters

•             Coulter technology for large area output and a uniform, clean seed slot

• Suitable for mulch and direct mulch drilling as well as on ploughed fields

Convenient operation

A new configuration of the tillage tools ensures that the machine works 100 percent in a straight line. The disc harrow as well as the fertiliser coulters (D Z-machine) and seed coulters are mounted in an X configuration. Optimum seedbed preparation is ensured by the aggressive point angle of the lead tillage tools. There is no need to grease the tillage tools because they are mounted on sealed bearings.

Multiple sowing options

Single shoot, double shoot and double shoot-mix are the key to perfect emergence. To match the site conditions and crop rotation of the customer, there is a wide choice between the application of seed, seed with fertiliser and additional components such as micro-granulate, companion crop or a second type of seed with the TERRASEM D Z models. The different components can each be deposited at different depths.

Optimum plant density

The proven coulter rail with DUAL DISC coulter system ensures an ideal plant density for the crop. With a row spacing of 12.5 cm as standard, or 16.7 cm as an option, optimum plant development is ensured and weeds are largely suppressed.

Two metering systems

Depending on the choice of machine, two different metering systems are available. The machines with a single hopper are equipped with injector metering – TERRASEM 3000 D to V 6000 D as well as all TERRASEM CLASSIC models without tillage tools and without fertiliser application.

All TERRASEM Z double seed hopper machines are equipped with a pressurised hopper system. The two-part hopper with a fixed 60:40 partition can also be filled with 100 percent seed. Integrated pressure differential sensors ensure the reliability of the system.

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