Rostselmash celebrates 5 years of tractor production

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Rostselmash started tractor production at the Rostov-on-Don plant in 2016. The first Rostselmash machine 2375 rolled off the production line in August. Since then, over 3 800 tractors of the 2000 series  have been built by now. In September, construction of a new plant will start to increase production.

Within a short time the Rostselmash tractor took on the market in Russia and CIS states and became a dependable companion of farmers. Powerful and cost-effective, these tractors are adapted to operation in the agricultural and climatic conditions of Russia.

In 2016 a new assembly building staffed with modern technologies was launched, several additional welding and machine-assembly departments were established to support tractor production. Rostselmash proceeded to the full-cycle production. Even the first machines incorporated the in-house welding assemblies and items fabricated by casting, machining, pressing and cutting departments of the company. As the time went on, Rostselmash mastered new high-tech competencies such as manufacture of axle beam parts and driveline assembly, whereas in last August the first agricultural machines equipped with the in-house driveline rolled off the production line.

The on-site production allowed the dramatic growth of the machines output and expansion of the model line-up. In 2018 the more powerful version of the earlier tractor entered the market – RSM 2400. Another year later the company proceeded to production of series RSM 3000. Tractors of series RSM 1000 and RSM 3000 DT on a tracked chassis are being prepared for industrial-scale manufacturing. The manufacturing capabilities keep on developing. Today the issue of equipping the agricultural machines with Russian engines and the prospects thereof are under consideration. Various in-house electronic systems are planned to be installed on the tractors soon. In particular, RSM Agrotronik Pilot 1.0 and 2.0.

Domestic market and export

RSM 2375 is in demand by farmers who choose it for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. This machine is selected by farms of 1500 ha and more. The tractor has excellent traction capacity. Reliable axles with an external planetary gear and differential blocking withstand the most severe loads. Coupled wheels add to the traction and mitigate the floor pressure. In 2018 RSM 2375 fitted with RSM DX-850/970 harrow surpassed the record disking area during daylight hours. The soil treatment lasted for about 14 hours and the machine treated 203 hectares during this time.

The Rostselmash tractor is also exported to foreign markets, among which Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia and Republic of South Africa.

New plant under construction

The new Rostselmash tractor plant has capacity for about 5000 units annually

In order to meet growing demand, Rostselmash expands its capacity, diversifies and extends the product range. Construction of the new plant will start in September. The company will invest over 6 bn rubles (USD 80 million) in this project. According to Velery Maltsev, Director General of Rostselmash, the new plant will enable the substantial growth in production of Russian tractors by 2025. The tractor plant capacity is designed to yield 5 000 machines annually. The manufacturing capabilities will occupy 14 ha next to the Company’s core site. The plant will be provided with the equipment for welding, machining, painting and assembly of tractors. The development of the manufacturing capacities will enable creating 1850 new jobs.

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