Full speed ahead with AVR MultiForce front cultivator

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Because a perfect seedbed preparation of the soil is crucial in potato cultivation, AVR continues to develop its cultivators, to make sure that each time, they are even better adapted to new circumstances. The latest addition to the soil preparation range is the AVR MultiForce (4×75).

The machine has been  tested and approved during a full  whole planting season by seven different potato growers in the Netherlands.

The MultiForce is available with a four- or six-tine system, the latter of which already having proven its benefits in previous applications.

Required tractive force is reduced by 33%, which equals a fuel saving of 33%. A higher driving speed is possible. Thanks to the 6-tine system, up to 50 % more crumbling can be achieved. The lower rotor shaft speed ensures a longer service life of the wear parts.

Load on the tractor and the driveline are more evenly distributed. The six-tine system does not require a switch box.

Rotor diameter of the MultiForce is 750 mm, which is 150 mm bigger than its predecessor, the Multivator. It makes possible to work deeper, while less power is needed. This is necessary when you want to combine seedbed preparation, planting and ridging in one go.

Working depth can be adjusted with the depth control wheels and spiral roller (pin/hole adjustment). With the roller close to the rotor and the three-point hitch behind, the weight is as close as possible to the tractor.

The new MuliForce will be presented during the upcoming autumn potato events.

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