Rostselmash forage harvester on tour in France

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Rostselmash from Russia recently held a demo tour in France with its RSM F 2650 forage harvester. The company had set up for the first time a number of demos of its machine, using the facilities of their partner: SAS Michel Bellamy. French farmers and contractors saw the harvester working out in the field.

Rostselmash believes in the value of this harvester model and its suitability for the French market. According to the company, it is productive, efficient, simple and smart – all in one. Coupled to a hydrostatic transmission, the 611hp engine delivers non-stop and economical operation under severe conditions, stepless and smooth speed control. With a 24% torque margin, the engine better withstands overloads so you can run in low gear for long periods of time.

The chopping rotor is 705 mm-wide and has a diameter of 630 mm. The cutterhead with 40 knives in V arrangement rotates at 1,200 rpm and is equipped with a hydraulic system for stepless adjustment of cut length from 5 to 24 mm. 

The RSM F2650 has sensors to measure the crop flow during harvesting. The machine comes with the Agrotronic remote monitoring system. Over 80 parameters communicate via a GPRS modem. Data can both be accessed online and retrieved from any networked computer.

Farmers and contractors who attended the demos, were pleasantly surprised by the satisfying performance of the Rostselmash forage harvester.”

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