“Trektor” robot tractor operates autonomously

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Designed and manufactured by Sitia from France, the new Trektor robot tractor operates without driver. It works 24/7 very precisely and allows the use of existing implements.

With climate hazards becoming less and less predictable, a recurring lack of staff and a growing societal pressure to produce ever cleaner and saving energy, Trektor  is the daily assistant of farmers. The machine helps to make the agricultural transition by using today’s implements and going to the new methods of tomorrow.

Trektor is autonomous and allows a safe work while reducing the strenuousness of work. It uses GNSS RTK navigation technology which means the robot is accurate within centimeters, while sensors and bumpers act as additional safety precautions.

With an adjustable height and track, Trektor is versatile, it adapts to all types of implements and crops. In­deed, it adapts to existing agricultural implements (mechanical, electric and hydraulic) thanks to a classic three-point hitch as well as its attachment points behind and between the wheels. Thus, it can perform different tasks in vineyard (wide and narrow vines), market gardening (field or greenhouse), or even tree crops.

Trektor is a hybrid vehicle, driven by a diesel and electric powertrain, it can work 24 hours a day without stops. Its hybrid engine allows significant reactivity to intervene 100% of time during favorable weather windows. Finally, thanks to its hybrid architecture it allows significant energy & CO2 savings.

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