Goodyear releases large size “Custom Flo Grip”

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Titan International is introducing the R-2 deep-tread tire in the world’s largest farm tire size, the Goodyear LSW1400/30R46. This latest addition to the radial Goodyear Custom Flo Grip line is being brought to market to meet the growing demand for greater combine flotation and traction from growers in regions and applications that face incredibly wet field conditions. Titan debuted the new tire at the recently held National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY USA.

“Back in 2016, we introduced the world’s largest ag tire in our Goodyear Optitrac line, which is an R-1W tread. The demand for that tire has since skyrocketed, but there are some applications that really should be running a deeper R-2 tread,” said Scott Sloan, Global Ag/LSW Product Manager, at Titan. “We’ve been hearing from a lot of growers in the southeast, the Dakotas, southern Minnesota and elsewhere that they wanted an LSW1400 option in an R-2. We’re excited to now offer that.”

Custom Flo Grip versus alternatives

The LSW1400 serves as a better-performing replacement to smaller singles (such as a 900/60R32), as well as to standard factory duals (such as 520/85R42) in the front combine position. The LSW1400 will provide:

  • 40% reduced inflation pressures which means significantly less soil compaction and field rutting, which inhibit yield.
  • Footprint improvement which spreads the already lower inflation pressures over a wider area to further reduce soil compaction and improve yield.
  • Improved traction by offering significantly more power to the ground with the larger, but easier-on-the-soil, footprint.
  • Maximum road speeds thanks to the Low Sidewall Technology (LSW) design, which dampens road lope. LSW allows for roading at full speeds, which can have a significant impact on productivity and profitability for custom harvesting operations, in particular.

10-year warranty

The Goodyear Custom Flo Grip, as with all radials in the Goodyear farm tire family, comes with a 10-year warranty that includes 2-year no-cost replacement, 2-year field hazard protection and 3-year stubble damage protection.

The Custom Flo Grip line now includes nine sizes, ranging from VF580/85R42CFO up to the LSW1400/30R46.

Browse full Custom Flo Grip size range

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