Steketee EC-Steer enables precise guidance

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Steketee’s practical steering frame expands the range of applications for any hoeing machine. The EC-Steer parallel steering frame from Lemken turns un-steered hoeing machines from popular manufacturers into implements with joystick or even camera steering. It is a simple option for farmers who want to upgrade their existing hoeing technology or switch between systems.

The three-point mounted steering frame enables smooth and precise steering while working with open lower link stabilisers on the tractor, as no lateral movements are transferred between the tractor and the steering frame. Drivers control the machine from their seat using a joystick or the IC-Light camera steering system. Camera steering enables the machine to differentiate between crop plants and weeds based on different shades of green or the RGB colour spectrum. As a result, the machine can work automatically to within two centimeters of the plant.

Mounted in two versions

The parallel steering frame is available as an integral part of standard Steketee machines or as a stand-alone unit that can be used to upgrade any other hoeing machines. It comes in two versions.

The EC-Steer 7 is suitable for hoeing machines with a weight of up to 2,500 kilograms and a working width of up to six meters. Its open three-point headstock offers the advantage that the camera can be positioned centrally on the steering frame to cover an extremely large field of view.

The EC-Steer 9 with reinforced frame design is suitable for larger hoeing machines with a working width of up to nine meters and a weight of up to 4,000 kilograms

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