Horsch develops unmanned seeder

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German machinery manufacturer Horsch broadcasted a video of a new autonomous seeding robot via Twitter. The unmanned machine has a working width of 24 meters.

Philipp Horsch, CEO of machine manufacturer Horsch, shares a video on Twitter showing a new autonomous seeding robot at work. The machine is said to have a working width of 24 meters, with the drilling device suspended in a four-wheeled frame. The machine consists of four large wheels with variable track widths, which obviously can steer at 90 degree angles. Two seed tanks and an engine are positioned on top of the machine. The robot is named RO24G. It has been tested in the field and is ready to go to Brazil for further intensive testing. According to Horsch, the rules around autonomous machines are still tight, particularly in Europe. A person has to stay within 600 meters to keep an eye on the robot.

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