Landini’s remote management spikes tractor’s electronics

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Real-time data collection is now essential to improve management of field work. This information allows to constantly monitor the condition of the tractor and intervene, even remotely, to maintain perfect operation. Landini is offering this feature.

Telemetry and telediagnosis are respectively the technology that allows data and information to be transmitted immediately and the possibility of detecting any faults in electronic equipment remotely via telematic tools. This technology transforms Landini’s technical assistance into predictive assistance, i.e. intervening before any machine downtime occurs.

Two main advantages have information at your fingertips at all times about where your tractors are, what activities they are performing and record all data for immediate analysis allow the specialised workshop to check for any malfunctions in real time, and to intervene whenever necessary, all with the owner’s consent.

On the manufacturer’s side, this technology enables increasingly efficient customer service, even from miles away, through the involvement of a specialist technician. From your point of view, the variety of data available and its ease of reading translates into increased productivity for your tractor fleet.

Intervene remotely

Remote management of the tractor’s electronics: the tools at your disposal

The agreement signed with Actia, a French company specialising in telemetry, has made it possible to equip Landini tractors with one of the most advanced solutions on the market today.

It is a high-tech system that allows the service engineer to constantly monitor the efficiency of the tractor and intervene remotely at any time.

Preserving the efficiency and value of your tractor over time is a fundamental objective, which is why the programme includes a series of preventive checks that certify the correct use and perfect functionality of the tractor.

The functions available can be used for proper set-up of the machine and identification of anomalies fleet management and prevention of breakdowns reading of multiple data related to the tractor activity and their direct transfer to the PC on the premises of the company or the dealership planning for proper maintenance. Let us look in detail at the tools at your disposal.

The Landini Fleet Management is the telematic system that allows customers to monitor their tractor fleet’s main activities at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the use of IoT (Internet of Things) protocols, you have all the information on the activity of your tractor fleet at your fingertips, via PC or mobile device.

The system accesses fleet data, which is always available and protected in the cloud, and monitors key parameters such as:

  • Geolocation
  • consumption values levels
  • temperatures
  • work session

This allows the operational status of tractors to be monitored and their efficiency to be kept under control.

Telematic control unit TGU-R for remote diagnosis

The collection, management and analysis of data goes hand in hand with another very important aspect, namely the possibility of making adjustments and guaranteeing total efficiency remotely, thanks to technical assistance that is increasingly more digitally oriented and therefore faster and more effective.

In addition to the telemetry functions, Landini tractors have been equipped with a remote diagnostics function, thanks to the Actia TGU-R control unit.

This is how it works

The service technician connects to the tractor and loads the diagnostic software just as if he or she were on site, to perform checks in the event of anomalies, he or she can determine whether it is sufficient to intervene remotely or whether the mobile workshop is required.

In many cases, such as software updates, or tractor protection locks, the technician no longer needs to travel to the site, but can connect the diagnostic tool and restore full tractor functionality, without leaving the workshop.

Thanks to the innovative diagnostic tool made available to all authorised dealerships, it is possible to connect the software to the tractor’s control unit and perform adjustments, program updates, engine parameter diagnostics, system code displays and various other functions immediately and remotely, providing immediate and accurate support to service technicians.

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