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Maximum forage quality and easier record keeping thanks to precise recording of weight and moisture from the field. The Fendt Rotana Combi baler-wrapper combinations will be available with professional features such as moisture analysis and weighing function in future. Automated  applications are available as Load-sensing Profi and TIM Profi solutions.

The market launch of the tried-and-tested Profi function package for the Fendt Rotana Combi variable baler-wrapper combination provides customers with a wide range of automated processes and data for documentation purposes.

As already known from the Fendt Rotana round balers, customers can order the Profi features as a package which includes:

– Weighing function
– Moisture analysis
– Automatic stopping after the binding process (only with Tractor Implement Management System, TIM)
– Automation of the bale ejection process
– Automatic cleaning of the knife slots
– LED work & maintenance lighting
– Function to strengthen the bale edge layer

As well as being included in this new package, customers can choose the weighing or moisture measurement function as an individual option for Rotana Combi round balers as well.

Precise recording of moisture and weight

Until now, characteristics such as crop type, size, number of knives, net positions and number of round bales have been decisive for assessing the scope of work and for invoicing contract work. With the Profi function package for round balers, customers can now access direct parameters such as bale-specific weight and moisture. The bale weighing system works reliably and is calibration-free. As a result, round bales can be planned into the stock feed plan or marketed according to their average dry matter content.

During the baling process, two sensors on the inside wall of the bale chamber constantly measure the moisture of the bale as it is formed. If the individually adjustable moisture limit – for example 14 per cent – is exceeded for more than three seconds, an acoustic signal sounds.

This sensor-based moisture alarm prevents the collection and storage of excessively moist hay or straw. This reduces the risk of reheating and significantly reduces the associated risk of spontaneous combustion. Bales with critical moisture content can be dried separately in the field and stored later. Alternatively, the user can allow critical field areas with excessive moisture content to dry out and harvest at a later date.

Optimise use of fertilisers

The customer can determine the dry matter (DM) harvested from the actual bale weight and exact moisture content. This increases the ability to reliably plan forage rations.

Customers can also derive fertilizer requirements for their fields in order to optimise the yield. The Rotana saves the field-specific data in Fendt Task Doc. Thanks to the ISO XML format, the data records can also be used in mixed fleets.

Short-cut straw is very suitable as bedding or as a valuable source of crude fiber in forage. Short straw presents the customers with a major challenge: stability during transport and storage. The edge layer optimization function prevents bales of short-cut straw from becoming unstable. Drivers can specify directly in the tractor cab what percentage of the bale edge layer should remain uncut. This has the advantage that the stability remains constant even with varying bale diameters.

Automated bale ejection

Every minute counts during the harvest. The output is particularly important for contract work and farms with a high degree of in-house mechanization. The Rotana Combi balers work almost fully automatically. Automated bale ejection saves time, reduces the driver’s workload and increases efficiency. For TIM-capable tractors, the TIM Auto Stop function is also available. When the bale reaches its target size and density, the tractor stops automatically. The bale is tied, transferred, wrapped and deposited without user intervention. In the meantime, the driver can activate the joystick and the vehicle/trailer combination continues to drive.

Automated cleaning of the knife slots and automatic bearing lubrication of all baler roller bearings make the Fendt Rotana Combi particularly low-maintenance. During the twine tying process, the swivelled-out blades are automatically swivelled in and then swivelled out again.

This function makes it easy to switch between uncut hay or straw bales and silage bales. Contractors in particular, who often switch between different fields and crops, save set-up time because the time-consuming changeover to blind knives is no longer necessary.

From July 2024, the new Profi functions can be ordered as either a Load sensing Profi or TIM Profi solution for the Fendt Rotana 130 F Combi and 160 V Combi baler.


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