GENESIS T8 delivers more power

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Across the T8 Series lineup, T8.325, T8.355, T8.385, T8.415 and T8.440, customers can expect to see a 5-15-rated horsepower increase, depending on the specific model number.

This update was made to help operators better address strenuous tasks and applications like tillage. Equipped with new hydraulic remote valves and couplers, the new lineup of T8 Series tractors draws power from beyond fittings, while optimizing hydraulic power workflow. Engine software enhancements have also been made to maximize output, granting further operational efficiency and improving fuel economy.

“Our customers continue to seek more power and performance from their tractors without having to change the body or framework. In a sense, get stronger without getting bigger,” says Ken Paul, product marketing manager, high horsepower tractors for New Holland. “The result is a new lineup of our GENESIS T8 Series. These new models are designed to deliver greater engine power and elevate fuel economy without compromising the look and feel from current T8 models.”

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