MF shifting up to 9S Series

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The flagship tractor range is the first to feature the new MF logo. All are equipped to Massey Ferguson’s specification, which provides connectivity with MF Guide and MF Connect as standard. With the launch of the MF 9S, come additional new options, including MF AutoTurn, AutoHeadland, TIM – Tractor Implement Management and a Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS).

The MF 9S Series offers powers from 285hp to 425hp. Along with Massey Ferguson’s unique Protect-U design, all models are equipped with an enhanced engine design and updated Dyna-VT transmission.

The tractors come with MF Guide and MF Connect telemetry as standard, while comfort and control are further enhanced with the new MF AutoTurn, AutoHeadland and ISOBUS Tractor Implement Management options.

Power for all MF 9S models is delivered by the six-cylinder, 8.4-litre AGCO Power engine. Engine Power Management (EPM) boosts torque up to 1,750Nm and generates up to 30hp of extra power at speeds above 15 km/h for PTO and hydraulic applications on all models (except the MF 9S.425).

The engine complies with the Stage V emissions regulations using a simplified version of the All-In-One system, which no longer uses an EGR valve. Instead it employs a new turbocharging system, with a single turbo.  Engines complying with Tier 3 emission regulations are also available, depending on specific market requirements.

Without the need for refills, is a 10% larger, 660-litre fuel tank as well as a 68-litre AdBlue tank. The engine is also designed to run on HVO fuel, to provide more sustainable operations.

Massey Ferguson’s Protect-U engine and cab installation delivers visibility and comfort. Key is an 18cm gap that isolates the encapsulated engine from the cab.  This reduces noise, heat and vibration inside the cab which at 69dBa, is very quiet. With a volume of 3.4m³ it’s also a very spacious workplaces. Combined with a wasp-waisted bonnet, the inclined windscreen offers visibility and comfort.

The seat is fitted with a large comfortable armrest, which holds the Datatronic 5 touchscreen terminal and Multipad joystick. These provide optimum control and setting of all the main functions, including the electric spool valves.

A powerful heating and demisting system, with climate control air-conditioning maintains, a comfortable temperature, with 14 outlets that operators can adjust to direct the airflow.

All-round vision is ensured through the 6.6m² total glazed area. Along with the standard rear-facing camera, a further three can be added to provide an all-round view of the implement as well as the road ahead and behind.

A new, advanced 360° LED lighting configuration turns night into day with up to a total of 23 working lights in addition to the LED high beams and rotating beacons included in this pack.

Operation is provided by the standard Datatronic 5 touchscreen terminal and Fieldstar 5 extended screen option. The new easy to read MF vDisplay digital dashboard, which is mounted on the cab post, shows all the tractor information and allows settings to be easily personalised and changed with a rotary knob on the steering wheel.

MF AutoTurn, an option for MF Guide, automatically steers the tractor into the next wayline.

With AutoHeadland two headland sequences can also be automatically started and stopped, according to the tractor GPS position. The Trimble GPS receiver improves repeatable accuracy but also relieves the operator of repetitive tasks.

Datatronic 5 and optional Fieldstar 5 touchscreen terminals, equipped with MF Guide, MF TaskDoc and MF Connect telemetry as standard, make smart farming easy with optional MF Section Control and MF Rate Control.

The MF 9S Series is available with Tractor Implement Management (TIM) as an option. This ISOBUS-based system provides automatic management of the tractor’s electronic functions according to the operation and implement’s requirements.

This enables a TIM ISOBUS compliant implement to manage and control tractor functions, such as forward speed and the hydraulics, which improves performance and work quality as well as comfort, while reducing costs and operator fatigue.

All MF 9S tractors come with the option of Massey Ferguson’s new Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS). Controlled through Datatronic 5 or Fieldstar 5 terminals, it quickly adjusts pressure to reduce compaction and achieve optimum traction.

Employing a twin, 650 litre/min compressor, it takes just four minutes to increase pressure in typical set of VF 710/75R42 + VF 620/75R30 tyres from 0.8 bar to 1.6 bar.

CTIS is proven to reduce fuel consumption by 10% to 15%, as well as cut compaction by facilitating an up to a 150% larger footprint. At the same time the system can increase traction and reduce unnecessary tyre wear.

All MF 9S tractors come as standard with Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission, with new power management to deliver additional torque and horsepower. This has a separate oil reservoir to the hydraulics to eliminate any risk of contamination and lengthen service life and is particularly helpful when operating tractor fleets.

The new 9S Series benefit from an uprated ECO hydraulic system. This delivers 205 liters/min at just 1,650 rpm or 270 liters/min at 1,850 rpm. Oil is delivered by an open-center and a closed-center pump, with a dedicated pump for control valves.

A new dual closed-center pump option, which delivers 340 liters/min at 1,650rpm or 400 liters/min at 1,850 rpm, is available with six spool valves. One pump supplies continuous flow to three valves, while another provides variable flow to the other three and looks after ancillary circuits, such as the steering.

A new configuration with six valves enables the use of a valve, in a ¾” coupler, to provide a flow of 170 liters/min, while the five others still deliver 140 liters/min. For easy disconnection all valves are equipped with decompression levers.

A higher capacity hydraulic tank provides 101 liters of exportable oil capacity, to power complex equipment. To handle heavier implements is a new hydraulic top link option, with a larger, 120mm diameter ram, to increase lift capacity to 20t.

A new 5t capacity front linkage, connected to the first rear valve, provides an option for those who do not require front hydraulic couplers. Configurations with independent valves are available and offer up to two front lines, a free return and ISOBUS socket.

The MF 9S series is built on a 3.1m wheelbase, weighing in from 10,900kg. For heavy draft work and higher traction the tractors can be ballasted up to 18,500kg, providing a power-to-weight ratio of up to 64.9kg/hp for the smallest model.

A new suspended front axle provides a turning radius of just 5.75m, depending on tyres. A larger 125mm diameter rear bar axle enables more power to be transmitted to the ground and supports larger loads.

The new axle also accommodates a greater choice of wheels and tyres, with the factory fitted range including the Michelin EvoBib as well as large diameter tyres, such as the 2.18m, VF 750/70R44, which increase traction and reduce soil compaction. Coupled with the CTIS option and low weight of the MF 9S this further minimises ground pressure, making it ideal for soil preparation and seeding operations.

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