Kverneland fully integrates Phenix

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Kverneland Group has fully integrated the products of Phenix Agrosystem (BC Technique) from France into its arable equipment portfolio. This range of rotary hoes, inter-row cultivators and guidance interfaces, well complements the mechanical weed control portfolio of Kverneland and meets with the future of sustainable farming. BC Technique was acquired by Kverneland at the beginning of this year.

Next to a safe food production, protection of the environment has become a key issue for crop production. Recent European legislation has defined new standards to reducing the use of (even approved) crop protection agents. Thus, mechanical weeding has become one of the answers to meet these standards,  at the same time ensuring healthy plant growth as the basis for successful yield.

“The first implements have been working in the fields across Europe this past growing season, for presentation and training of the Kverneland distribution network. We are happy with the quality and convinced by the performance of Phenix machines and we are ready to go for the full launch,” Dirk-Jan Stapel, Director Marketing and Sales Arable Systems Division of Kverneland explains.

Further solutions and combined applications

Farmers’ requirements are multivarious, much depending on the various crops, soil conditions and farming systems. In order to have the right solution for all these individual challenges, Kverneland has extended the scope of application of mechanical weeding by combining systems.

With the specialists on board from the Kverneland Centre of Excellence for Crop Care and Seeding Equipment, the Kverneland Group has right from the start worked with full swing on further developments. To offer the full machine combination from one supplier will ensure complete compatibility and operator friendliness.

“We are very proud to present the first combined systems of mechanical weeding with chemical crop care and fertiliser application already on this year’s Agritechnica,” Dirk-Jan Stapel continues.

The Kverneland Onyx will be combined with the Kverneland iXtra LiFe for band spraying or the application of liquid fertiliser. In combination with Kverneland a-drill and front hopper f-drill, the simultaneous application of solid fertiliser or companion crops in one pass with the mechanical weeding process is possible. These developments are in process and will be available in limited edition from 2024.  

Kverneland inter-row-cultivator Onyx with guidance interface Lynx in sales training

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