Connect Room Hub monitors machines

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The technology in today’s agricultural equipment is constantly advancing and expanding, and the number of connected machines in the field is rising fast. This opens a world of possibilities when it comes to serving farmers and helping them get the most from their machines and their fields. Case IH’s answer is the Connect Room Hub, the heart of Case IH’s connected services and the enabler of a shift from a reactive to a proactive, and in some cases preventive, approach to supporting customers.

Mirco Romagnoli, Vice President of Case IH Europe, explains: “Farmers are under pressure to constantly increase their efficiency and productivity, and they look to us, as manufacturers to find ways to help them achieve this. Our Connect Room system, together with our growing portfolio of SafeGuard Connect services, will enable us and our dealers to act fast, almost in real time, when they have an issue, and help them get the best from their Case IH equipment.”

Case IH Connect Room Hub: the heart of a network of Dealer Connect Rooms

Case IH connected machines continuously generate data as they work in the field – operating parameters, state of health, agronomic data – and send it to the newly installed Case IH Connect Room Hub for Europe in St Valentin, Austria. Case IH product experts analyse the data to create and constantly improve the algorithms generating alerts, machine operation advice and useful insights for the customer. The Connect Room Hub is the heart of a network of Connect Rooms at Case IH dealerships, where the status of the customer’s machines is monitored round the clock, 7 days a week. When the Connect Room Hub’s system identifies a potential issue, an automatic alert is sent instantly to the Connect Room at the customer’s Case IH dealer, who is able to take immediate action – sometimes before the problem occurs, preventing machine downtime.

The dealer can also conduct remote diagnostics on the customer’s machine from the Connect Room and even connect to the machine’s display and take action without leaving their location. The Connect Room Hub can also help customers keep their fleet in perfect order with no disruption to their farming operation, calling them in advance to plan routine maintenance services around their work program.

Reports generated by the Connect Room Hub provide customers with valuable insights

The Connect Room Hub also generates three types of reports for the customer to get the best from their machines, keep them in good health, and protect their investment.

The monthly Machine History Report, generated based on the telemetry and sensor data collected by the connected machine, gives the customer a better understanding of their machine’s usage and health status, identifying possible issues. This enables them to ensure the good use and health of the machine, which also protects its residual value.

The Machine Care Report lists every maintenance, repair and inspection in the life of the machine, ensuring traceability of its entire service history and creating a transparent relationship with their dealer and Case IH.

The Operational Report helps the customer ensure that their operators are using the machines correctly, efficiently and safely. With operation KPIs and insights provided by the report, the customer can detect anomalies in the operator’s use of the machine or identify where there is room for improvement. They can take action and discuss organizing tailored operator training with their dealer.

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