Bednar Terraland TN goes folding

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The Terraland TN chisel plough from Bednar has been a fast-runner for many years. Advantages are soil cultivation in one pass, also below the subsoil, a higher output with low consumption and soil aeration or disruption of hard soil layers. A 4.00 meter wide folded version is now added to the program.

“Besides the agronomic advantages, the Terraland TN also brings a series of structural and technical advantages, such as the extended service life of the machine or easier control. Since the sale and wheeled tractors with an output exceeding 350 HP is increasing, we decided to expand our model series of chisel ploughs with the new Terraland TN 4000 HD9 folding model”, says sales director Jan Bednar“

The basic part of the new Terraland TN 4000 HD9 chisel plough is a highly robust frame made of high-strength Alform steel. It provides high robustness and durability at work, even at the maximum depth of 65 centimeters. The Terraland TN 4000 HD9 chisel plough is fitted with nine tines with a spacing of 45 centimeters in between . These have hydraulic non-stop protection for coping with rocky conditions and heavy or hardy soils.

The folding configuration is the main advantage of the Terraland TN 4000 HD9 chisel plough. It provides safe transport of the machine as the transport width does not exceed 3 meters.

The Terraland TN chisel plough provides customers with an option to use the machine throughout the year or in relation to the current weather changes, thanks to easy replacement of the working parts. For deep loosening, the manufacturer recommend fitting the machine with Active-Mix tines that have a special shape for mixing crop residue with soil, disrupting hardened layers and deep cultivation. In summer or right after cultivating headlands or tramlines, it is suitable to use the Zero-Mix tines that aerate and disrupt the hardened soil but does not mix to prevent evaporation of soil moisture.

The Active-Mix tines can be fitted with chisels with widths of 70 or 40 mm in the standard version, or the Long-Life chisels fitted with carbide tips. Bednar recommends using the 40-mm chisels for intense loosening, demanding conditions or when working at the maximum depth. In case of Zero-Mix tines, the machine is equipped with chisels with a width of 60 mm.

The Terraland TN 4000 HD9 can be equipped with rear packers, such as the hydraulically adjustable spiked double-roller, the Cutpack (a suitable combination with Zero-Mix tines) or the V-Ring packer with a diameter of 630 mm.

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