Faresin reveals high capacity mixer

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Faresin Industries presents its new PF3 Leader 3-auger mixer wagon. The machine has been designed for large livestock farms from 1000 head upwards. A 3 vertical auger system with a unique mixing geometry, guarantees good feed structure.

Faresin has designed the machine with mixing tub volumes of 30 and 36 m3, from the farmer’s perspective to ensure accessibility through low-height passages, despite its impressive size. The 3 steered axles, with the front and rear drive axles having permanent four-wheel drive, and the servo-hydraulic steering on all axles are critical elements that reduce maneuvering space even in small stables. Also this enables the machine to travel on the road comfortably.

In 2017, with the launch of the first PF series, Faresin launched the “laboratory on wheels” design concept characterized by integrating the Polispec NIR with the machine to guarantee “unified” quality.
“Ecotronic” goes one step further, transforming processing into an automated industrial process. This new system interconnects all the devices of the machine and makes it possible, starting from the recipe, to program all its functions according to the raw materials that are gradually loaded. A process that guarantees, thanks to strict parameters, optimal management of all loading, cutting, and mixing equipment to prepare feed structure of the best possible quality.

Thanks to automation, Ecotronic also optimizes the use of energy, dosing it according to the needs of each process operation. This reduces energy consumption.

The optimization of resources also extends to the work of the operator who, thanks to simplification, becomes an operator with no special professional skills. Due to these innovative features, Leader PF3 was awarded the ‘EIMA 2022 Mention Award’. Thanks to intelligent process automation, the Leader PF3, flagship of the Faresin line up, opens up a new avenue for the growth of livestock farms, in terms of quality and profitability. Innovative technologies which will soon be extended to the Italian brand’s entire range of mixer wagons.

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