Kubota introduces hydrogen engine

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Kubota Engine America introduces the newly developed 3.8 liter hydrogen engine. Development of power solutions for industrial machines with greater fuel efficiency and the use of carbon-free fuels, such as hydrogen, are underway at Kubota as part of the company’s initiatives to create a carbon-neutral society.

“Kubota is committed to innovation that leads to a cleaner environment,” Tomokazu Matsushita, president of Kubota Engine America stated:  “This hydrogen engine is a step toward a future with less reliance on carbon intensive fuels.”

Similar to gasoline engines, the 3.8 liter hydrogen engine offers spark ignition while packing a punch at 85 kW – which is also the power required for a 45kVA generator.  This development is making inroads within the high-volume sector of portable power generation and aims to establish a dedicated hydrogen-fueled generator into the market for early hydrogen adopters.  Specifications of the engine include a 3.8L displacement in an inline 4 cylinder for multiple applications.

In support of developing a global hydrogen infrastructure, Kubota’s technology underlines its commitment toward achieving a sustainable and carbon-neutral future with less CO2 emissions.

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