Michelin Evobib for field and road

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After receiving a SIMA gold medal for innovation in 2017, the Michelin Evobib tire is available now. It is the first agricultural tire on the market designed specifically for use with Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS), which makes it possible to obtain performance on the road and in the field, due to its adaptive concept.

In field use, the footprint is maximized due to the tread design, while its very-low-pressure construction (Michelin Ultraflex Technologies) lessens soil compaction and enhances the tractor’s traction performance.

In road use, the smaller footprint and central rib of the tread pattern reduce rolling resistance. In addition, longevity is improved and fuel consumption lowered.

The tread pattern is conceived to optimize longevity and ensure traction throughout the tire’s life. The tire casing is now PFO (Pressure Field Operation), a standard that allows tire manufacturers to increase the load capacity of their tires for field use.

  • A footprint variation of 47 percent* between road and field use, double that of a VF (very high flexion) tire like the Michelin Axiobib 2 (24 percent) that would have usually been used with CTIS.
  • A 15-percent** increase in traction compared to a competitor’s VF tire with a hybrid tread pattern, and the same traction capability as a VF tire with a lug tread pattern (under normal field conditions).
  • Fuel consumption close to that obtained using a standard road profile tire. A reduction in fuel consumption of 2 liters per hour*** compared to a competitor’s hybrid VF tire, and a reduction of 1 liter per hour compared to the Axiobib 2 with CTIS.

For the moment, the Evobib comes in a choice of two sizes for tractors of between 200 and 300 horsepower, namely VF 710/70 R 42 and VF 600/70 R 30. Three additional sizes will be introduced in October 2023 for tractors of more than 300 horsepower: VF 650/60 R34, VF 650/65 R34 and VF 710/75 R42.

* Michelin internal test made in Ladoux – France in September 2021, comparing Evobib and Axiobib 2. Size: VF 710/70 R 42.
Load per tire: 5,300 kg. Road speed: 65 km/h. Field speed: 30 km/h.

** Michelin internal test made in Pagnant – France in November 2021, comparing Evobib with a competitor’s VF hybrid tread tire and Axiobib 2 of the same size.
Size: VF 710/70 R 4.
Field study under real operating conditions carried out by Michelin on a tractor. Load per tire: 4,300 kg. Using manufacturers’ recommended inflation pressure.
Soil type: wet corn stubble. Results may vary.

*** Internal Michelin test made in Ladoux – France in November 2021, comparing the Evobib tire and a competitor’s VF hybrid tire of the same size. Vehicle: tractor.
Size: VF 710/70 R 42. Load per tire: 4,300 kg. Using manufacturers’ recommended inflation pressure. Average fuel consumption calculated after 10 laps of 8 km (80 km total).
Results may vary.

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