Jumbo Isotronic runs on ISOBUS

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The power harrow range for soil preparation of Maschio Gaspardo is well known around the world. Their latest innovation is the Jumbo Isotronic, a new folding power harrow with the ISOBUS communication protocol. Its patented technical and structural solutions allow electronic management of multiple functions, enhancing the field results and the performance of the machine.

Jumbo Isotronic extends the range of power harrows with the ISOBUS communication protocol. All the working parameters can be displayed through the tractor’s ISOBUS terminal: this simplifies the use of the equipment for the operator and optimizes the life cycle of the power harrow.

Knowing all the working parameters in real time and being able to change them also saves time, improves field performance and reduces costs. It is possible to export the work data for diagnosis or processing in order to increase the efficiency of use.

A series of sensors distributed throughout the machine, allow the main functions to be constantly monitored for full control of the equipment’s operation. In particular, the operator can check the power absorbed, the temperature of the oil in the gearboxes, the rotating speed of the rotors, the slip of the cardan shafts, the actual working depth, the misalignment of the rollers, the correct positioning of cardan joints when closing “Salvacardani” (a patented innovation), the hours and hectares worked. An innovative solution using two new patents allows a load cell to monitor the power absorbed to increase efficiency during work.

The stress level of the central gearbox is monitored in real time, allowing immediate operator reaction if necessary. Calculating performance indicators and scheduling maintenance has never been easier. Data are also easily exported via USB stick or the web.

In addition, the numerous patented technical-structural solutions (5 new patents) guarantee maximum robustness and an optimal and sustainable ground refinement, also managing power absorption in the best possible way.

Reinforced frame

The Jumbo Isotronic ensures robustness thanks to its reinforced frame and innovative structural improvements. One of these is the Power Hub, a system consisting of bearings and supports that safeguards the rotor transmission elements. This solution makes it possible to withstand both a higher power load and greater sealing, requirements needed when operating in demanding conditions such as harsh terrain. The rollers have also benefited from important innovations in this area: the new BLINDATO bearings protect the internal mechanics from any type of contamination and allow an increase in the consistency of work quality in the field regardless of ground conditions.

The central yoke housing the third point and the gearbox bracket, have been improved. Their sections now have hollow parts that reduce the accumulation of terrain and facilitate its release, while at the same time reducing the gearbox temperature increase and the strain on the wings when closing or in negative flotation. In addition, to reduce the temperature of the gearbox, a new oil recirculation system has also been designed, which uses a tank inside the third-point yoke, driven by a gear pump. The benefits are numerous: in addition to the already mentioned reduction in the operating temperatures of the central gearbox, there is less degradation of the oil properties, an increase in the oil change time interval, less risk of downtime and higher productivity.

All these technical innovations are designed to guarantee mechanical reliability and total protection against external contamination.

Well proven solutions

These innovations are added to the well-proven solutions, such as the air-cooling device for the central gearboxes and the quick release system for the 16 mm thick tines. The transmission body, reinforced with high-strength steel, is made up of a double box structure: with an internal sheet thickness of 6 mm and an external one of 5 mm, greater rigidity and strength are guaranteed. This allows high performance in a wide range of operating conditions.

The machine can be combined with tractors up to 550 HP and is available with three working widths: 6, 7 and 8 meters. The maximum tillage depth is hydraulically adjustable up to 29 cm by operating the roller. Road transport is safe thanks to hydraulic safety couplings with a transport width of only 2.4 meters.

The design of Jumbo Isotronic is the result of a collaboration between the Maschio Gaspardo R&D department and the Italian School of Design (SID), thanks to which it has been possible to design a machinery with very appealing structures, since design has an increasingly important impact in the world of agriculture as well.

Jumbo IsotronicPower required (HP)Working width (m)Working depth (cm)Tines (No)Wieight (kg)*

* version with packer roller (550 mm diameter)

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