SIMA grants 17 Innovation Awards

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The international SIMA farm mechanization trade show took place this week in Paris, France.  As usual, judged by a professional jury, Innovation Awards were granted to exhibitors who present remarkable new and innovative products to the market. Seventeen products were honoured this time with such an innovation award during a ceremony, where SIMA also celebrated its 100th anniversary.  

Since 1931, the SIMA Innovation Awards have rewarded the most innovative solutions and technologies presented by the exhibition’s exhibitors. Each roll of honour illustrates the underlying trends in agricultural transformation, highlighting changes in agricultural equipment, user concerns and the solutions provided by manufacturers and suppliers. The winners are listed below in these five categories.

The winners were selected from among the 35 shortlisted entries and were awarded gold, silver or bronze awards in each category. Five categories reflect the exhibition classification: Soil and Crops; Harvest to Storage, Robotics and On-board electronics; Livestock, Renewable energy, Biomass and Biomaterials; Services and Software.

Category Soil and Crops

GoldMonosemValoTerra Ultimate sowing unit
Silver   Väderstad Proceed seeder
BronzeHydrokit4PTH, point hitch on tractor

Category Harvest to Storage

GoldKlim’Top ControlsKlimanager management software 
SilverKroneAdditive dispenser on Big Pack baler
BronzeNew HollandGrain Cam Mobile, Grain loss calculator

Category Robotics and On-board electronics                                                        

GoldEcorobotixARA  plant-by-plant precision sprayer   
SilverKrone & LemkenCombined Powers, Autonomous Vehicles 
BronzeTrelleborg Wheel SystemsAdaptive Tire Management System  (ATMS)
BronzeRollandRollControl  Mass Flow Control System

Category Livestock, renewable energy, biomass and biomaterials

Gold Samson GroupOpti-Sensor, NIR sensor on solid manure spreader  
Silver Bioret AgriDelta-X  –  Fertisoluce, producing fertilizer on the farm
BronzeNew Holland T6 Methane Power

Category Services and Software

GoldITKPresto, blockchain tomato harvest forecasting
SilverBeeguardBeelive bee counter
BronzeAgrosolutionsCarbon Extract measuring tool

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