Newly designed Flex Harrow from Great Plains

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Great Plains is launching its newest conventional tillage tool, the CT8300 Heavy-Duty Flex Harrow. The machine is designed to be versatile in seedbed preparation, product incorporation, residue management, and weed control.

An enhanced ladder frame design provides durability across a wide range of customer applications, and the strengthened toolbar and narrow tongue eliminate the need for wing cables, permitting tighter turns. The CT8300 is available in 15 different widths ranging from 18′ to 60′. Models 33′ and larger feature walking tandems to maintain consistent mainframe height even on rough terrain. All tires are standard sized, 12-ply implement tires with radial tires as an option on machines that are 45′ and larger.

CT8300 Flex Harrows are available to order with eight or 16 rows of bar tines. Each section of four bars can be added or removed for flexibility. Spaced 9″ apart, the tines are 1½”, or 25%, longer than competitive models. “The additional spike length helps improve residue flow in more rugged conditions and extends the wear life of the tines,” explains Blake Bergkamp, Great Plains Research Agronomist. “While producers are typically replacing tines with 2-3 inches of spike length left, now, with the longer teeth, it equates to 40-50% more wear life overall.” A new drag bar connector system keeps all spikes at a consistent, uniform angle across the tool. Tines can be run at 50° or 38° for greater or less aggressive finishing. This new design also provides straighter tracking of the drag sections.

Just one SCV control lifts and folds the CT8300, resulting in less downtime when transporting between fields. This also allows the unit to be pulled behind other tillage implements. The hinges on the CT8300 are designed to be maintenance-free, extremely durable, and capable of carrying greater wing loads. For added strength, the overall width of the hinge increases as the wing sizes increase.

From grain farming to livestock production to forage and pasture management, the CT8300 Flex Harrow is a versatile tool. Its design for finishing, chemical incorporation, weed control, and leveling, combined with the range of available widths, makes the new CT8300 suitable for any size operation.

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