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AgXeed, manufacturer of the AgBot autonomous farming robot, further expands its international distribution network. Agri-Precision will start as distribution and service partner of the company in Czech Republic.

When selecting distribution partners, AgXeed’s top priorities are comprehensive service and a direct access to the customer. It is therefore important to have partners who are on-site at the customer’s premises, as well as being remotely available while guaranteeing short and transparent routes to the manufacturer. For AgXeed, service begins with the consultation and analysis of the farms and extends to the complete implementation of the autonomous system. With the integrated software tools, farmers can virtually plan their operations in the field in advance.

In this process, size is replaced by continuity and precision in the field. These are new approaches that require distribution partners who are close to the farming community, who understand what is needed to manage resources differently and who believe in autonomous vehicles in agriculture.

Agri-Precision is an innovative robot- and technology company that offers a broad range of services and autonomous solutions for agriculture. Agri-Precision is the link between farmers and AgXeed when it comes to support, service, safety, and knowledge of the autonomous ecosystem. Combined competence and experience of navigation, autopilots, rate control, automatization, ISOBUS technology, Telemetry, RTK provision, route planning software, robotics, leads to a great reputation in the agricultural industry.

“AgXeed is an is leading the way with their innovative autonomous systems that have a great potential in the Czech agriculture”, says CEO Michal Krutiš of Agri-Precision.  

Joris Hiddema, CEO of AgXeed adds: “With Agri-Precision we have found an excellent partner for the sales and service of our technology in Czech Republic.

Autonomy is the next logical step in the development of modern professional agriculture. We deliver not only autonomous machines, but even more so – full automation and optimization of field operations. AgXeed enables an integrated approach to all processes on the farm: planning, crop production and distribution.  Our machines are the most visible part of our product offering, but the data portal, which collects data and delivers actionable insights, is instrumental to the total value we deliver. Together with Agri-Precision, we expect to address the challenges in this sector and provide the farmer with autonomy and allow him to manage his business sustainably and more profitably.”

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