MF renews Activa combine range

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Massey Ferguson introduces its renewed MF Activa range of five straw-walker combines. Heading the range now is a new 260 hp model. The new combine harvesters deliver more power, additional features and the option of the renowned, performance-enhancing Multi Crop Separator option on all models.

Three new models are designed to deliver flexible harvesting in a wide range of crops for small to medium sized farms. On top of the standard grain configuration, all are also available in Anti-wear and Rice versions.

A completely new 260hp model, the MF Activa 7344, now heads the range. This is joined by the new 226hp, MF Activa 7343 and 185hp, MF Activa 7342 – all available with the option of the well-proven Multi Crop Separator as well as electronically controlled hydrostatic transmissions and significant cab upgrades.

“These machines are designed specifically for those looking to secure their own harvests. MF Activa combines offer users a combination of the latest technology with comfort and control, ease of use and well-proven features,” says Jérôme Aubrion, Director Marketing Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East.

“Like their predecessors they are easy to use and deliver reliable and versatile harvesting performance,” he adds.

Specifications MF Activa range

New MF Activa combine features

  • The updated MF Activa combine range offers three models from 185hp to 260hp with a well proven threshing system as well as being available in special rice and Anti-Wear versions.

  • Independent concave adjustment – front and rear – set electrically from the cab

  • Sectional Concave design enables concaves to be quickly and easily changed when moving between different crops

  • Multi Crop Separator (MCS) option increases overall separation by up to 20% on all models

  • New modular grain pan with removable plastic inserts to ease cleaning

  • Choice of Freeflow or Powerflow headers for MF Activa 7343 and MF Activa 7344

  • Latest Stage V, four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines specifically tuned to deliver economical high torque and power for harvesting operations

  • Redesigned, electronically controlled, three-speed hydrostatic transmission

  • Uprated cab provides more comfort and ease of control with seat-mounted armrest, air-suspended seat and electronic transmission operation

Dependable and straightforward

Massey Ferguson’s new five straw-walker, MF Activa combine range offers versatile harvesting in a wide range of crops and conditions, from small grains to maize, soybeans and rice.

Three new models, with powers from 185hp to 260hp, share a similar drum and concave threshing system. All are also available in versions to work in Rice or with ‘Anti-wear’ specification, which is specifically designed to handle the rigours of operating in heavy soybean and maize crops.

The well-proven, dependable threshing system employs a 600mm diameter, 1,340mm wide drum fitted with eight rasp bars. A perfect grain sample is ensured thanks to independent – front and rear – electrically operated concave adjustment.

Switching between crops is straightforward, thanks to the Sectional Concave, which enables operators to quickly change between a large or small grain sections.

All crops and conditions

For optimum separation is the optional output-enhancing Multi Crop Separator (MCS), available on all models. This increases separation by up to 20% and improves harvesting flexibility, while preserving the straw quality. Uniquely, this additional separator has the ability to rotate the concave completely out of work when it is not required.

Easy clean modular grain pan

A new modular grain pan, as used on Massey Ferguson’s larger combines, is fitted with removable, hard-wearing plastic sections. These further improve versatility making it easier to clean when working in difficult conditions and in crops such as soybeans and maize.

Headers deliver even feed

MF Activa 7343 and MF Activa 7344 models can be equipped with Massey Ferguson’s Powerflow header. This well respected table uses a continuous belt feed to gather crops and deliver an even ‘heads first’ feed, while significantly reducing losses. Available in widths from 5.5m-6.2m, it is proven to boost output by up to 73% in oilseed rape, 15% in wheat and 12% in barley.

The MF Activa 7342 is equipped with the Freeflow header in widths from 4.8m to 6.0m and this is also available for use on the two larger combines up to 7.6m wide.

The headers are easy to mount to the feeder house and quickly connected-up with Massey Ferguson’s hydraulic Multicoupler. Automatic header height control is standard, while lateral flotation is an option.

Stage V AGCO Power engines

All the new MF Activa combines are equipped with the latest, Stage V AGCO Power engines. Well proven in other applications, they are specifically set to deliver the optimum torque and power for reliable harvesting efficiency.

A 7.4 litre, six-cylinder powers the MF Activa 7343 and MF Activa 7344, while a 4.9 litre, four-cylinder delivers economical operation for the MF Activa 7342. Both have four valves/cylinder with hydraulic lash adjustment to reduce maintenance.

These engines meet the latest Stage V emission regulations using Massey Ferguson’s Selective Catalytic Reduction, after treatment system with a DOC and a Soot Catalyst, which is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Electronic transmission control

Massey Ferguson has completely updated the MF Activa combines’ hydrostatic transmission. This now employs the latest generation, electronically controlled pump, which delivers smooth and precise operation.

This provides fine control and easy operation in the field and on the road, offering optimised acceleration curves in each of the three speeds.

Optimum cab comfort and control

A range of cab upgrades improve control and comfort for MF Activa combine operators, who now sit on a standard, air-suspended seat.  A new seat-mounted armrest eases operation. The Multi-function lever, at the front, now offers smooth, electronic control of the hydrostatic transmission and includes the unloading auger switch among its many other functions.

Other commonly used switches, all providing electro-hydraulic engagement, are arranged along the side of the new armrest. All models come with the Agritronic terminal, with standard grain loss monitor. There is also an improved lighting package.

For added comfort and control a range of useful options include electric sieve adjustment and returns monitor, a cool box as well as a rear camera.

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