Krone EasyCut TC Connect doubles mowing capacity

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Krone introduces the special EasyCut TC Connect implement coupling frame for Australian and American farmers who use it to couple two trailed mowers to the same tractor.

The new EasyCut TC Connect coupling frame was developed for the Trailed Center EasyCut TC 400 and EasyCut TC 500 mower models. The EasyCut TC 500 cuts at widths of more than 12 m when combined with a Krone front mower and is suitable for Controlled Traffic Farming schemes (CTF).

CTF is becoming increasingly popular not only in Australia, but also in Europe. Controlled traffic means that all machines run in the same wheel marks for better protection of the valuable soil and reduced compaction. The scheme is particularly beneficial in sensitive crops such as alfalfa.

Running in 3m and 6m patterns, the EasyCut TC Connect allows farmers to cut at widths of more than 12m and up to 13.08 m. EasyCut TC Connect can couple various machines without affecting their functionality. Australian and American farmers, for example, often operate the front-mounted EasyCut F 400 CV Fold together with two EasyCut TC 400 rear mowers, producing three identical and voluminous swaths for uniform wilting of the entire crop stand.

Each model can also operate as a solo machine. In this configuration, the TC Connect ensures maximum flexibility and productivity in varying conditions and flexible adaptation in a growing business – major selling points when reselling a component.

Total work widths from TC Connect:

Kombi TC 400, F 320 CV/CR: 10.3 m

Kombi TC 400. F 360 CV/CR: 10.7 m

Kombi TC 400. F 400 CV Fold: 11.1 m

Kombi TC 500. F 320 CV/CR: 12.2 m

Kombi TC 500. F 360 CV/CR: 12.6 m

Kombi TC 500. F 400 CV Fold: 13.08 m + 40 cm overlap on either side

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