Rostselmash produces 30,000th Acros combine harvester

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A machine numbered 30,000 from the Аcros lineup of combine harvesters, recently rolled off the Rostselmash’s main assembly line. It will undergo a series of tests and will then be shipped to a company’s dealer centre.

The anniversary combine harvester came just in time for the 15th anniversary of the start of production of the model. The Acros made its official debut on 16 May 2007. While in the process of creation, bespoke systems were designed and used on the new combine such as Smart Launch (grain tank unloading system providing maximum unload rate with minimum plugging risk), Jam Control (deep concave reset device preventing slugging with crop material), Adviser (an on-board voice information system used in combine engineering for the first time) and many other devices increasing the machine’s productivity and performance. The Acros received the wide Power Stream grain head as well. Working equipment control relied on special sensors wired to a single LCD panel in the cab.

Over 15 years, the АCROS has gone a long way of evolution, it has become the most user-wanted and mass-produced grain harvester from Rostselmash over the past 15 years. Today, the company produces a full lineup of machines under the single name – up to 30 versions of 3 series models indexed 550/585/595 PLUS. “We keep in mind crop and field conditions in areas where our client operate and requirements of local markets. For instance, there is a version for EU or version for Siberia. In 2021, Rostselmash produced a pilot batch of the Аcros 595 PLUS with AWD. The model was designed for tough field conditions,” says Marketing Director Andrey Ryabov.

Highlights from the А
cros history

On 22 January 2014, a unique event happened in the history of the Winter Olympic games in Sotsji. For the first time, a grain harvester took part in the Olympic Torch Relay. The torch was carried by the best “people’s combine”, Acros from Rostselmash. It was to run 153-meter section 40 in Rostov-on-Don: from 53, Sholokhova street to Selmash avenue.

In 2017, Rostselmash jointly with National Geographic Russia, carried out a unique project named “Baikal-2017. Power of Ice.” The idea was to show the might and beauty of the frozen lake and the power of the human engineering. Without contrasting by the unwritten laws of nature.” The company took excellent pictures and videos at a most beautiful location across Russia, and the RSM tractor and Acros combine passed another test as filming was done in touch and unusual conditions.

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