Agrointelli launches Robotti long range (LR) robot

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After nearly two years of extensive development, re-thinking functionality and improvements sparked Robotti LR into life, Agrointelli’s new, long-range robot.

LR is a single engine version, utilizing space in the modules for a diesel tank of 300 l capacity. It allows the robot to operate up to 60 hours nonstop before refueling.

Robotti is an autonomous implement carrier, automating tasks in agriculture and horticulture. Diesel-powered with a three-point hitch, it can be fitted with standard farm implements to perform different field tasks throughout the season. Robotti weighs less than 3.000 kg, minimizing the risk of soil compaction in favor of yields. It works autonomously, which significantly reduces the number of man-hours spent in the field. Robotti is able to make a “zero-turn” which means that it spins around a stationary point, enabling it to turn in narrow headlands and increasing the utilization of the field. It is especially an advantage in bed systems where headlands are usually not farmed.

Robotti has a sim card and is constantly connected to the GSM network. It is autonomously controlled by a computer that makes optimized route planning according to the users’ inputs. All data is cloud-based, and the robot downloads and uploads information during work. Robotti navigates precisely with RTK-GPS technology that has an accuracy of +/- 2 cm, as known from tractors. Furthermore, the user is able to follow Robotti’s physical position, status about the task and live surveillance via the Robotti webpage.

The current version, Robotti 150D, is already operating in ten European countries. While this model remains part of the company’s portfolio, the LR is enriching it, as it meets different needs. For more power intensive operations, requiring PTO, 150D is the correct choice.

1250 kg lift capacity

Robotti LR was developed to meet the requirements of operating with standard implements for a very long time without the need of refueling, thanks to its enlarged diesel tank. The Robotti 150D has two engines of which one is operating the PTO exclusively. This is why Robotti LR is as powerful in non-PTO demanding operations, with a lift capacity of 1250 kg.

Robotti LR

“Robotti LR is the product of many operational hours in the field and customers’ feedback throughout the years”, says Chief Product Officer, Hans Christian Carstensen.

“We have seen that farmers are requiring larger lift capacity, longer range between refueling, higher on-wheel torque and higher hydraulics capacity. All these inputs have been the base for the development of Robotti LR and I am thrilled to see the result. I am looking very much forward to have Robotti LR working in the fields for the coming season”, Carstensen concludes.  

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