John Deere 7R 350 “Tractor of the Year 2022″

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The John Deere 7R 350 AutoPowr has been awarded “Tractor of the Year 2022″.  The best utility award also was awarded to John Deere, for its 6120M AutoPowr. The best of specialized award went to the Reform H75 Pro. And New Holland received the Sustainable award for its T6.180 Methane Power tractor.

The John Deere 7R 350 wins in the open field category thanks to its on-board technology; the automation package; the wide cab room, the quality and comfortable level of the cabin, the excellent performance on field. Sustainability is also taken into consideration in the form of a Fuel guarantee -program. Active Command Steering is an example on how the driver can widely adjust the operation to its preferences and needs. EZ ballast, makes it possible to automatically install and uninstall 1700 kg of ballast weight, revolutionizes the way farmers and contractors can manage ballasting, with no useless effort and time spending, to adjust the tractor to each individual task, preventing soil compaction or improving traction when it is needed.

Best Utility

The 2nd award for the best Utility also goes to John Deere for its 6120M AutoPowr. With a continuous variable transmission, a short wheelbase of 2400 mm, a maximum operating weight of 10.450 kg, and the latest technology for precision farming, this is versatile enough to perform a wide range of different tasks, from front loader work to soil cultivation or transport, according to the jury.

Best of Specialized

Specialized farming applications require specialized tractors. Such a tractor is the Reform H75 Pro, finds the 26 head jury.  With low center of gravity, hydrostatic transmission, and possibility to manage two implements at a time, this model is designed to perform with safety and comfort in hilly land. The Reform impresses with its capabilities on slopes, making it ideal for buffer zones and marginal lands.

Sustainable TOTY

The first commercially produced tractor of this kind, is the New Holland T6 Methane powered tractor. It represents a step forward to sustainable farming. The Fpt, 6 cylinders CNG powered engine ensures the same performances as the diesel equivalent. It reduces fuel costs together with a significant drop of pollution and co2 emissions, there is no SCR system, AD Blue it is not needed reducing complexity and running costs.

Ceremony at EIMA

The Tractor of the Year 2022 awards were handed our during a ceremony at the EIMA International trade fair in Bologna, Italy. The competition was started in 1996 by Italian machinery journal Trattori, with participating journalists from only 6 countries.  Nowadays, the jury of the Tractor of the Year election, consists of 26 journalists from as many specialized farm machinery journals from across Europe.

This year again, the judges of the Tractor of the Year jury were engaged in studying, observing and testing the most innovative and high-performance tractors and machines on the market. Jury members are experts from trade magazines from, who selected the finalists which took part in the award ceremony.

Task of the judges is identifying the most cutting-edge technologies and solutions on the market, opening a window onto the future of agricultural mechanization. A future which increasingly sees the tractor and its equipment at the center of the industry as a key instrument within Agriculture 4.0 and as a fundamental means to streamline and optimize work in the field.

BKT main sponsor

Starting last year, tyre manufacturer BKT embraces the mission of Tractor of the Year by sponsoring the award until 2024.

“We are really proud to be able to support this prestigious award for the second year, explained Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe during the awards ceremony. We are convinced that Tractor of the Year is a splendid showcase to enhance and emphasize innovation in agricultural mechanization and therefore in agriculture itself. This is why we will continue to strive to support this event which for us is synonymous with the future, sustainability and technology.

I offer my warmest congratulations for their excellent work to the winners of the four categories John Deere, Reform, New Holland.”

“We are all very satisfied with this 25th edition of TotY,” – said Fabio Zammaretti, President of Tractor of the Year. “The level of tractors competing grows constantly and it was a very tight race. The jury this year, once again, did an extraordinary job in evaluating all the tractors competing for the 4 TotY awards. Our mission is to make the most of the technologies offered by tractors, without forgetting that sustainability plays a fundamental role in our industry. We are also very pleased with the collaboration with BKT, thanks to which we were able to find the perfect mix of digital and face-to-face events.”

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