All-weather combine harvester for Lithuania

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The Rostselmash RSM 161 combine harvester is a cost-effective, no nonsense, but reliable and modern machine. It allows working under a wide range of conditions, from wet to very dry. Such as in Lithuania.

The grain yield in Lithuania demands the use of high-performance combine harvesters. However, weather conditions during the harvest are becoming less predictable. Statistics say that from 11 to 16 days, depending on a specific agricultural area, in July and the same number of days in August are rainy. On the other hand, there is sometimes a drought in the same months. Both of them not only demand minimizing the time needed for harvesting, but also make the operations even more difficult.

The Rostselmash RSM 161 combine harvester suits to these instable harvesting conditions. High humidity of grain and straw; over-dried grain and high strawiness; clogged or flat crop. The RSM 161 will move on under these conditions.

The RSM 161 is capable of threshing up to 40 tons of grain per hour in high yielding crops. It works effectively on crops with grain moisture up to 25% and straw moisture up to 35%. At the same time, thanks to the design features (an extended deck that can be configured from the cab, and large drums), you can flexibly adjust the harvester for working in various conditions. Given that the rotation speed of the threshing drum varies between 300-920 rpm, this function is an ideal option for threshing over-dried or damaged grain crop.

Each unit, each assembly of the combine harvester is designed so that the entire process (from the cut or selection of the crop up to the unloading of grain) runs  smoothly.

A new generation electro-hydraulic terrain copying system and a function for changing the angle of the header, ensures the stability of the harvest even on difficult terrain. Connecting the header takes no more than five minutes, and for the transition from grain to corn, a minimum time is required.

The unique threshing and separating device “Tetra Processor” is a huge threshing drum, a large separator drum, an effective beater-chipper, an original flexible drumming. All these features determine the adaptability of the combine harvester to complex situations. In the RSM 161 threshing section, the crop is processed intensively, after which only about 5-8% of the grain remains in it. This is easily handled by the straw walker.

The grain at the output is clean that it may need only drying at high humidity. Such parameters are provided by the 2-cascade OptiFlow cleaning system with a special suspension of sieves and optimized 2-flow blowing of the grain pile.

The high-performance RSM 161 unloading system ensures that the 10,500 L hopper is emptied in just two minutes, even when the grain is wet. The long (6.72 m) and high auger (5.05 m) operates with an angle of 105 degrees. This allows safe and easy unloading in grain trucks and tractors with grain charts.

The RSM 161 carefully handles straw, if it is needed for use in animal husbandry, it can be laid out in a roll. Or the non-grain part can be chopped and left in the field.

The 355 hp Cummins engine with a 25% torque reserve is economical, durable and inexpensive to maintain. The transport speed of up to 27 km/h provides a fast transfer of the combine harvester when working on scattered fields.

In the Luxury Cab, everything for safe and comfortable work is available: an ergonomic chair, a steering column and a control console in the armrest with a large color touch screen, climate control and audio suite; a refrigerator and electric adjustment of rear view mirrors.

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