Correct soil moisture also demands the right tire

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With the arrival of the hottest months of the year, soil and field moisture is more crucial than ever. Choosing the most suitable irrigation systems and having the right tools and equipment can really make the difference in guaranteeing the crops and soil health during the summer.

Among the various irrigation methods, the one which certainly stands out is that of spraying. This envisages the distribution of water on the crops using sprinkler systems, which simulate rainfall with reduced energy consumption.

This type of irrigation is managed through ranger systems, i.e. linear systems which are ideal for the irrigation of square and rectangular fields, and with pivots characterized by the circular movement of the irrigation system around a fixed point.

They are mainly found where extensive farming is used for crops such as corn and soya. The pivots consist of a pyramid support tower placed at one end of the spans, which supplements the hydraulic supply of the system.

In addition, these are mobile systems fitted with special, dedicated tires which guarantee the correct maneuverability of the structure: that is why choosing the equipment for this application is essential in guaranteeing the correct soil moisture.

Suitable tires for pivots must first of all guarantee good traction on wet ground: this means guaranteeing good meshing of the soil and consequently good self-cleaning properties.

Flexibility and versatility are two more essential characteristics for tires used for this application. The tires must offer good performance in any movement on the road, during transport of the equipment used for irrigation.

The compounds used to make the tires for irrigation must also withstand work conditions in which there is a constant shift from dry to wet and hot soil. All factors which further age tires used for this application.

To meet these challenges, BKT has devised solutions developed to fit pivot irrigation systems. For this application BKT proposes a radial and two bias tire lines. These products share excellent self-cleaning properties, thanks to the dedicated casing designed to increase traction and to improve performance on the road during any movement of the equipment.

Agrimax RI 818 opens the range, a radial tire currently available in two sizes: 280/85 R 24 and 320/85 R 38. It has been created with a tread which satisfies all the requirements for traction in all conditions and for self-cleaning.

Same functions also for TR 117, a standard tire which is specific for irrigation applications with a central pivot, available in fully four sizes: 11.2 – 24, 13.6 – 24, 14.9 – 24 and 11.2 – 38.

TR 118 was instead developed specifically for irrigation machinery. As well as guaranteeing a high level of traction, this tire stands out for its prolonged life cycle, made possible by the super-resistant casing which contains a layer of reinforced elements. It is available in the 14.9 – 24 size.

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