Krone digital features on round balers are gaining ground

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Smart Telematics and agrirouter offer substantial relief for operators. Billing, too, becomes easier and straightforward, because the logged harvest data are transmitted to the office in real time. There is no fiddling with USB memory sticks or copying hand-written note slips.

Digital features such as Smart Telematics or the universal agrirouter data sharing hub, are increasingly used for round balers. Krone has observed this trend for some time especially among contractors who use these smart solutions as they enable them to send jobs directly from their Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to the tractor cab. 

Digital features such as Smart Telematics or the agrirouter data sharing hub, are increasingly used for round balers

As work is being documented automatically as it is executed, contractors can watch the progress in real time in the Krone Smart Telematics or any other management system at the office. Alternatively, the data is sent to the FMIS via the agrirouter.

Thanks to these synchronised processes, it is possible to optimise wilting times for higher-quality feeds and greater machine efficiencies.

At the same time, the digital features help optimise the haulage chain when picking up the wrapped bales. The drivers views a map that shows the fields to be cleared and the exact number of bales to be collected.

The next benefit of the feature is the straightforward and verified documentation of yields. Also, the moisture sensing feature and the bale weighing system, which is an option on the wrapper, determine moisture levels and bale weights. The technology allows contractors to provide clear and verified reports for their customers and also automise their own billing, making it more efficient and transparent. The contract work data are transmitted automatically and in real time to the office for detailed invoicing.

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