MyEasyFarm goes “light”

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The adoption of precision agriculture on a large scale is still limited, despite the benefits of reducing inputs and higher or better-quality yields.

Therefore, MyEasyFarm introduces a solution for those who wish to gently start in precision agriculture. MyEasyFarm Starter allows a farmer to create his farm and plots manually, through plot management software or by importing Telepac.

Also the fleet can be included (tractors and implements), as well as local weather forecast and Weenat or Sencrop weather apps.

Growth of crops is visualized, thanks to the NDVI Satellite signal. Modulation maps can be imported or created from satellite or yield maps and integrated for mobile application.

Thus, the farmer can manually adjust inputs from the tractor, based on data from his mobile phone and also document all actions directly. Once back at the farm, reports of all work are available, enabling data analysis, such as the costs and time spent for each activity.

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