Dual purpose seeding with Dartmoor

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Evers Agro from the Netherlands introduces the versatile Dartmoor combi single disc seeder. The machine is suitable for seeding new crops and overseeding grassland. A unique and specially developed pressure system enables precise seeding under all conditions.

Important for good seed germination is precise deposition and contact with the soil and availability of moisture, light and oxygen. The Dartmoor has been designed to meet these demands . The machine is equipped with sharp solid cutting discs with a diameter of 41.5 centimeters. Due to their tapered shape and large diameter, these discs encounter relatively little resistance, they cut and keep rotating under all conditions.

Unique and versatile

In addition to this patented system of overseeding with discs,  a unique pressure system was developed for the Dartmoor. This hydraulic pressure system provides weight transfer from the tractor to the machine. The system transfers extra weight from the tractor to the machine, resulting in a total disc pressure of over 125 kilograms per disc. As a result, the Dartmoor always makes a good slit in hard/uncultivated soils to deposit the seed. In soft/pre-cultivated soils, the pressure system is unnecessary. The seeding depth is easily adjustable from 5 mm using a spindle adjustment and shims.

Thanks to this easy-to-adjust pressure system, the Dartmoor is suitable for seeding new crops on arable land and for overseeding grassland.

Exact seeding technique

The Dartmoor features a pneumatic seeder. Precise seed distribution is done via distribution heads. The combi seeder has 32 cutting discs and outlets. This results in a seeding distance of 8.9 cm at a working width of 285 cm and a seeding distance of 9.4 cm at a working width of 300 centimeters.

Each seed outlet has its own cutting disc with a maintenance-free bearing. The seed outlet is stably positioned for reliable deposition. The cutting discs are suspended in rubber spring elements which enables optimal adaptation to ground contours. An important advantage is that the elements are optimally positioned for clog-free operation, on pre-cultivated land or through crop residues.

Optionally, the Dartmoor can be equipped with a second pneumatic seeder. This can be used to sow an additional crop widely, in front of the Pictor roller. With this second seeder, it is possible to sow at two different depths, for an even emergence of grass combined with herbs and clovers.

The Pictor roller ensures a good reconsolidation of the seed with the soil and closes the slit, which allows good, fast and even emergence. The rounded tips also activate erosion of the existing sward. A unique feature of the Pictor roller is its self-cleaning effect.

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