Krone offers GX wagon with rigid sides

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Krone presents the GX general-purpose wagon also with rigid sides. Introduced for the 2022/23 season and configured as standard specification, rigid sides are now available alongside the existing hydraulic sides with telescoping extensions.

Launched in autumn 2021 for existing customers in the forage sector and new customers in the arable, horticultural and forestry sectors, the models with rigid sides have proven successful and the demand for this specification has grown steadily. 

The advantages of the rigid sides are a 600 kg lower dead weight and a tailgate that opens up wider than on the models with hydraulically extendable sides. This for example, is a boon when loading pallets or straw bales from the rear.

The GX with rigid sides offers all the traditional comfort features that make this wagon suitable for year-round use. The patented single-frame chassis and the sloping mudguards ensure material cannot collect here easily and the smooth-faced GFP sides offer minimum resistance during unloading. Furthermore, the see-through and mobile headboard allows operators to keep an eye on the filling operation.

The strong and heavy-duty floor belt moves in either direction and thanks to permanent tensioning, it won’t billow up during empty hauls. Its springy surface makes the wagon also suitable for hauling potatoes and vegetables as these delicate crops land gently on the soft floor.

The new GX version boasts the innovative and DLG Silver Medal winning Krone ExactUnload, which empties the machine at uniform rates relative to the length of the clamp. For example, when starting a clamp, the operator simply enters the length of the clamp to the control box. After that, the GX controls the unloading rate automatically and relative to the forward speed of the tractor. When the GX arrives at the end of the pre-set length, all material has been unloaded.

The new GX body is Krone’s response to an increased interest from arable and vegetable growers who still want the well-proven comfort features of this General Purpose trailer.

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